• Will Spink
    Associate Pastor / Director of Shepherding
  • Melissa Patterson
    Interim Administrative Director
  • Chad Townsley
    Associate Pastor / Director of High-Life
  • Winnie Winford
    High-Life Assistant Director
  • Niña Banta
    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Nancy McCreight
    Assistant Director of Children
  • Kim Delchamps
    Admin. Assistant Children/High-Life
  • Sarah Niemitz
    Director of Community Development/Assimilation
  • Jonathan Barnette
    Director of Communication
  • Janice Crowson
    Director of Facilities/Office
  • General Contact
    For all other purposes
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We’re glad you’ve found us online! We hope that the resources here will help you to learn more about Southwood and our heart for Huntsville and the world!

We’d love to meet you onsite & in person as well as online! Sunday morning is the best time to truly experience Southwood. Click around or contact us for more information. Again, welcome!

Find out what Sunday is all about. Take a look at what we believe.
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  • Southwood Men’s Retreat

    Mark your calendars and plan to join us September 11-12 at Desoto State Park. Click here to signup.


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  • Family Movie NightFri, Aug 7
    When: Friday, August 7 at 7:00pm
    Where: The Lodge, Southwood Presbyterian Church

    Come and join us for Movie Night with the Family! Fresh grilled hotdogs will be made available for $3 a person or $12 a family. Popcorn is free!!! Movie is TBA.
  • Fall Sunday School Kick OffSun, Aug 9
    When: Sunday, August 9 at 10:00am
    Where: Santuary, Southwood Presbysterian Church

    Sunday school classes for PreK 4's through High school age students along with all adults will meet in the sanctuary for a fun, engaging look at the over arching theme beginning in Children's Ministry to Adult Ministry. This is official "Move Up" Sunday. There will be no drop off. Parents are asked to sit with their children.
  • Children’s Ministry Leadership Training LunchSun, Aug 9
    When: Sunday, August 9 at 12:45pm
    Where: The Lodge, Southwood Presbyterian Church

    Mark your calendar for August 9, 11:45am–2pm for Children's Ministry Leadership Training lunch!! We've condensed the information to be pocket sized. Great time of training, team building and lots of fun! RSVP to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Last Sunday

Missional Living | Rev. Gary Purdy
, Esther 8:1-17
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Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

Southwood and Race

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Southwood and race—not the .5K kind that is coming up later this month and for which I am feverishly training—but the more serious kind that has been in the news across the nation in recent days and… [more]

To Be A Girasole
To Be A Girasole

Girasoles (pronounced he-rah-so-lace) is the Spanish word for sunflower. It is also the namesake of the program for foster boys where Southwood recently sent a team of students and adult leaders to serve. Sunflowers, as you may know, follow the sun’s path throughout the day, taking… [more]

Why We Camp
Why We Camp

One Small Group’s Story

Someone in our small group once said, “This is like being in a youth group again, but now we can drive, have resources, and we make the rules!”

Our small group has really run with that youth group theme. Some of our events… [more]

Jobs for Life: A Personal Angle
Jobs for Life: A Personal Angle

A lot of people ask me what Jobs for Life is, and the simple answer can sound a little impersonal. “Jobs for Life is a biblically based jobs preparedness program that seeks to give hope to the hopeless through the dignity of work.” Great, but what does that ACTUALLY look like? Do… [more]

General Assembly Report
General Assembly Report

A Historic Night for the PCA—and Only the Beginning

There are many things that do not often characterize Presbyterian church meetings—particularly the annual General Assembly—including the following:
1) Spontaneous and lengthy seasons of prayer[more]

All That Is Fair: The Wages of Art
All That Is Fair: The Wages of Art

The Wages of Sin is Death. The Wages of Art… Not Much Better!

Art.  What is art?  It refers to an artifact or a performance that is made by a person or persons.  As Christians, we say we value people, yet we often neglect to consider the… [more]

Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

Don’t Stop Resting

My body has recently been reminding me that I am not as young as I once was. I know this statement will cause many of you to roll your eyes. I am not saying that I am old at my age—I’m just saying I’m not 25 anymore. Entering well… [more]

Jesus Changes Everything
Jesus Changes Everything

Jesus Changes Everything
How Ephesians Shows the Gospel Impacting All of Life

I still remember holding my first child in the hospital, being overcome with joy and not believing how much I could love such a tiny baby. I also recall thinking to myself,… [more]

Short-term Missions
Short-term Missions

Short-term Missions in Our Own Backyard

This summer a great team is heading from Southwood to Peru for a short-term missions trip to partner with Scripture Union, one of our mission partners. The team members’ names are included on this page so that you can… [more]