• Will Spink
    Senior Pastor
  • Wyketa Shipman
    Executive Assistant
  • Ron Clegg
    Associate Pastor, Discipleship
  • Shannon Clark
    Administrative Assistant
  • James Parker
    Chief Musician
  • Peter Render
    Assistant Pastor, Youth/Families
  • Christine Betts
    Assistant Director, Youth/Families
  • Ty Commons
    Youth & Families Intern
  • Kim Delchamps
    Administrative Assistant
  • Derrick Harris
    Assistant Pastor, Shepherding & Young Families
  • Angela Sierk
    Director, Children's Ministry
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director, Nursery
  • Robert Blevins
    Director, Community Development
  • Janice Crowson
    Director, Facilities/Finance
  • Daniel Brown
    Print & Digital Media Specialist
  • General Contact
    For all other purposes
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  • Senior Sunday for GraduatesSun, May 5
    When: Sunday, May 5 at 12:30pm
    Where: Southwood Lodge

    Graduate families, please join us during the worship service at 9:30 and a luncheon at 12:30 in the Lodge.
  • CLIMBMon, Jun 17
    When: Monday, June 17 at 9:00am
    Where: Southwood Lodge

    Climb is for completed 6th graders and their friends! We will serve in the community at four different places during the week. Join us!
  • VBS 2019Mon, Jun 17
    When: Monday, June 17 at 9:00am
    Where: Southwood Presbyterian Church

Last Sunday

Easter Hope for Everyone | Will Spink
Luke: Good News of Great Joy for All People (73 of 76), Luke 24:1-12
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Pastor’s Note: I Thank My God…
Pastor’s Note: I Thank My God…

As you read Paul’s letters to the churches, you notice quickly how much he prays for those people he loves so much. In particular, you notice that he begins his prayers over and over with thanksgiving to God for these churches. Now Paul also sees problems and struggles in every community,… [more]

Introducing the Southwood App
Introducing the Southwood App

During the 2019 annual congregational meeting, we introduced the Southwood App. It was a Sunday I had been looking forward to for quite some time. Now, just a few weeks after its introduction, it’s awesome to see just how many people are using it.

The Southwood app is updated… [more]

Session Update
Session Update

At the annual congregational meeting in February, we rejoiced together in God’s gracious provision for Southwood and in many encouraging ways God is at work to advance his kingdom here and around the world. The congregation elected Andes Hoyt to the office of ruling elder in the church,… [more]

Gospel Community: What makes it different?
Gospel Community: What makes it different?

Here at Southwood we toss around the term “gospel community” quite a bit. But do we truly understand the differences the gospel makes to our community?

In our American culture, we long for community, though in reality our lives seldom intersect.… [more]

How Much Do You Care?
How Much Do You Care?

Growing up in a small town and attending a small country church where my father was the pastor had its ups and downs. One positive was that we had a relationship with every family that lived within five miles from our house. On the other hand, there were so few families that we didn’t… [more]

Going Global: Southwood’s Ministry to the Nations
Going Global: Southwood’s Ministry to the Nations

In March and April, two Southwood pastors and an elder will travel to distant lands to encourage fellow believers and churches with the Gospel. In March, Will Spink returns to Nagpur, India, to celebrate the graduation of seminary students
he taught on his first trip in 2017.… [more]

10 Things Overheard at the Most Recent Parent Café
10 Things Overheard at the Most Recent Parent Café

1. As parents, we are called to be shepherds and in the grand scheme of things our kids don’t belong to us, they belong to God!

2. We should make every effort to move towards our kids, media is an opportunity to move towards them.


Sr. High-Life Winter Retreat
Sr. High-Life Winter Retreat

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” - Micah 6:8

A few weeks ago Sr. High went on our annual trip to Camp ToKnowHim for Winter Retreat ’19. Our theme:… [more]

Ask a Pastor with Peter Render
Ask a Pastor with Peter Render

Do infants need to be rebaptized once they reach the age of accountability?

This question assumes the beauty and necessity of baptism as a “holy seal and sign of the covenant of grace, immediately instituted by God,… [more]