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Pastor’s Note: Overwhelmed by Love
Pastor’s Note: Overwhelmed by Love

I am going to say this out loud as I write it.  Emily and I just had our FIFTH child.  The pace at which our life is going is crazy.  It feels as though we are in a constant transition.  Basketball season to baseball season, multiple surgeries, the terrible threes,… [more]

Session Update

If you have been on Southwood’s campus recently, you have probably noticed the signs for the auction of the White House property. The trustees have decided to pursue this route for the sale of the home following the congregational decision to sell the house, and the auction is scheduled… [more]

True Social Gospel
True Social Gospel

As we have worked our way through the Gospel of Luke at Southwood recently, I’ve been surprised at how much Jesus seems to care about something so seemingly “un-spiritual” as who I eat with. Jesus seems to say that issues like who is at my dinner table or on my party invitation… [more]

Intentional Parenting: Finding HOPE at CAFE

The title of this article might suggest that Derrick and I are slowly going to shift gears to tell you how much we know about parenting.  It is just not true.  Like every other parent out there, we are just trying to keep our kids alive and show them how to live.  Every… [more]

The Importance of Correct Posture
The Importance of Correct Posture

While you were growing up, I’m sure your mother told you (and maybe she still does!) to watch your posture and stand up straight, and she was correct.  Posture is highly important for us physically, and it also impacts how others perceive us.  As physical posture is important… [more]

Come Have a Drink With Us
Come Have a Drink With Us

What are you thirsty for? Is it coffee you need to start your day? Is it wine at the end of your long work week? Or a Sonic drink with your kids? Whatever you’re thirsty for, I promise you one thing: it will not fulfill you. We live in a time of fake fulfillment. A spiritual battle… [more]

All That is Fair: Earn the Right to Be Heard
All That is Fair: Earn the Right to Be Heard

If you’ve grown up in Christian circles, no doubt the phrase “earn the right to be heard” has crossed your ears.  It is a well known mantra associated with a philosophy of ministry that is profoundly relational at its core.  Young Life is a good example of this kind… [more]

Pastor’s Note: A Beautiful Evening
Pastor’s Note: A Beautiful Evening

A couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday night about 75 parents of young children gathered in the Lodge to eat tacos, share the joys and struggles of parenting, and be encouraged and equipped for pointing their kids to Jesus. Across the street about 80 of their kids ate pizza, shared toys… [more]

Session Update
Session Update

At the annual congregational meeting in February, we rejoiced together in God’s gracious provision for Southwood and in many encouraging ways God is at work to advance his kingdom here and around the world. The congregation elected Brent Snyder to the office of deacon in the church,… [more]