• Will Spink
    Senior Pastor
  • Wyketa Shipman
    Executive Assistant
  • Ron Clegg
    Associate Pastor, Discipleship
  • Shannon Clark
    Administrative Assistant
  • James Parker
    Chief Musician
  • Peter Render
    Assistant Pastor, Youth/Families
  • Christine Betts
    Assistant Director, Youth/Families
  • Ty Commons
    Assistant Director, Youth/Families
  • Kim Delchamps
    Administrative Assistant
  • Derrick Harris
    Assistant Pastor, Shepherding & Young Families
  • Angela Sierk
    Director, Children's Ministry
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director, Nursery
  • Robert Blevins
    Director, Community Development
  • Janice Crowson
    Director, Facilities/Finance
  • Daniel Brown
    Print & Digital Media Specialist
  • General Contact
    For all other purposes
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  • Men’s RetreatFri, Sep 20
    When: Friday, September 20 at 6:30pm
    Where: The Lodge

    The Men's Retreat will take place on September 20-21 at the Lodge with Carl Stewart as our guest speaker.
    Sign up today at southwood.org/fallmensretreat.
  • Parent CafeTue, Sep 24
    When: Tuesday, September 24 at 6:00pm
    Where: The Lodge

    Parents, make plans to join us for the next Parent Cafe on Tuesday, September 24 at 6pm in Lodge (childcare in main building beginning at 5:45pm). Topic: “Parenting Towards 2025: Getting ahead of what’s ahead for our families.” Postcard and email will be sent soon. RSVP to attend (dinner provided) and for childcare to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    In a world of crazy and busy, it’s so easy to get caught in the rut of “reactive parenting” where we’re in a posture of surviving and just getting through the week in all that we do. Join us as we take a moment to slow down, focus on what’s ahead, and discuss what it might look like to be “proactive” as we love and lead our families.

    Parent Cafés are designed to be a time to discuss different topics that are struggles for most people who are in parenting roles, as we share meals and conversations while discovering together that we are not alone on this journey called parenting. The word CAFÉ is an acronym for what the evening is designed to accomplish. This is an environment designed for us to C-onnect, A-cknowledge that we don’t have it all together, F-ocus on what really matters, and E-ncourage each other. In short, this is an evening designed to support, encourage, and help equip each other for this parenting journey.

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God Still Loves You…Really! | Will Spink
Repent: A Major Message from Minor Prophets (6 of 15), Micah 7
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Pastors Note: Keep Summer Going
Pastors Note: Keep Summer Going

As the first day of school, the kickoff of football season, and other fall events rapidly approach, my family is trying to hang on to some of the joys of summer. The ability for kids to sleep later in the morning has given us leisurely nights together at the pool or on the tennis court,… [more]

The Finer Points: 2019 PCA General Assembly
The Finer Points: 2019 PCA General Assembly

The 47th annual General Assembly (GA) of the Presbyterian Church in America was held this year from June 23 – June 27 in Dallas, TX. More than 1,000 voting commissioners (ruling and teaching elders from across the denomination) and hundreds more families and visitors gathered to do… [more]

Connecting at Southwood: Small Groups and Connect Communities
Connecting at Southwood: Small Groups and Connect Communities

At Southwood we believe strongly that gospel-centered community is vital for our health and development as believers.  We cannot thrive as followers of Jesus apart from gospel community.  How is that expressed at Southwood?  Primarily through two similar but different… [more]

Don’t Drown: The Small Groups Life Raft
Don’t Drown: The Small Groups Life Raft

“Help me, I’m drowning! Can anyone hear me? Can anyone help me?” This is a cry from my heart to yours, so please listen. I try to believe the lies I tell myself: “I’ll be fine in a little while”, “If I ignore it, it will go away”, and “No one understands what I am… [more]

Southwood Men Fall Retreat
Southwood Men Fall Retreat

How does a man of faith in Jesus live out his beliefs in our highly sexualized culture? What does it mean to be a man of faith? What does it mean to be a man? The message we are getting from our culture is confusing at best. How do biblical truth and the gospel of grace give us greater… [more]

Fall Service Opportunities
Fall Service Opportunities

Here are a couple of ways to be active and engaged with some of our local ministry partners this fall.

First is CornerStone’s Jobs for Life class. This is a program that helps folks who are struggling with the skills needed… [more]

Southwood Kids Upcoming Events: Partner with us!
Southwood Kids Upcoming Events: Partner with us!

We in the Children’s Ministry have been getting to know one another and diving deeper into God’s Word alongside the rest of the church this summer. We have experienced opportunities to walk with children as they have come to know God. We have spoken with parents about their child… [more]

Pastor’s Note: The Summer of “One Another”
Pastor’s Note: The Summer of “One Another”

I was talking recently with a young man who has a good job in a good city with a good family. But he admitted to me, “I just don’t have any really good friends. There’s no one I really connect with that’s passionate about the things I believe really matter and really gets me.”… [more]

Toward Gospel Community: The Beauty of Relationships with Others Needing Jesus, Too
Toward Gospel Community: The Beauty of Relationships with Others Needing Jesus, Too

The Root

The epidemic of loneliness has invaded our culture in a manner that is unprecedented in Western history. While we can simplify this reality and blame cell phones and other amazing innovations of technology, I would suggest that there is something much… [more]