• Will Spink
    Associate Pastor / Director of Shepherding
  • Melissa Patterson
    Interim Administrative Director
  • Winnie Winford
    High-Life Assistant Director
  • Kim Delchamps
    Admin. Assistant High-Life/Children
  • Niña Banta
    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Nancy McCreight
    Assistant Director of Children
  • Sarah Niemitz
    Director of Community Development/Assimilation
  • Janice Crowson
    Director of Facilities/Office
  • General Contact
    For all other purposes
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We’re glad you’ve found us online! We hope that the resources here will help you to learn more about Southwood and our heart for Huntsville and the world!

We’d love to meet you onsite & in person as well as online! Sunday morning is the best time to truly experience Southwood. Click around or contact us for more information. Again, welcome!

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  • Fa La LodgeSun, Dec 20
    When: Sunday, December 20 at 5:30pm
    Where: The Lodge

    Join us in the Lodge at 5:30pm or 7:30pm for a fun night of Christmas music.

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Amazing Love, How Can It Be? | Rev. Hunter Brewer
, 1 John 4:7-19
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Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

Cultivating Thanksgiving

I love the cool weather we’ve had lately. Seeing the multi-colored leaves is one of my favorite seasonal changes each year. And now that we’ve enjoyed “HeyDay,” I consider fall to be in full swing.

During the time the… [more]

Building Relationships in Jobs for Life
Building Relationships in Jobs for Life

Our first Jobs for Life class is almost over already and it is hard to believe! There are so many things I could share from this class—relationships formed, burdens shared, jobs already found, and personalities coming through in beautiful ways! However, I thought you might like… [more]

Five Questions
Five Questions

1.) What led you to start Second Mile Development, Inc. in the Terry Heights Neighborhood?
Mary and I moved home to Huntsville from Nashville to restart Youth for Christ. In our evaluation, we were unsatisfied with the way we ministered to young people in need… [more]

Ask A Pastor
Ask A Pastor

Q: How will the recent political developments regarding same-sex marriage impact our religious liberty?

A: Things have been changing quickly in recent days with Supreme Court rulings, dozens of news reports on local cases, and a lot of political… [more]

Search Committee Update
Search Committee Update

The Search Committee is giving monthly updates to the congregation. The following update reflects much of the content communicated during the worship service on November 1.

It is with much gratitude and appreciation for the congregation of Southwood that I write this.… [more]

Session Update
Session Update

As we near the conclusion of our first Jobs for Life class, the Session hopes you will join us in celebrating these students and God’s work through this class. The graduation itself will be Tuesday, November 10, and this is a great opportunity to honor the work the students have put… [more]

All That Is Fair: Don’t Be Afraid
All That Is Fair: Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid

People don’t believe me when I say this because I seem really calm and relaxed, but I’m a pretty jumpy and anxious person on the inside.  Very often, ridiculous things scare me like birds of prey (owls in particular), all… [more]

Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

Breaking a Rule

There is a longstanding life principle being violated at Southwood these days. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

When it happens, it sounds something like this: “Do y’all need any extra adults at High-Life tonight? I’m happy… [more]

Dearly Beloved?
Dearly Beloved?

How the Church should approach the painful reality of divorce

When God invented marriage in the Garden of Eden, He did so in a world of perfect harmony, where the man and the woman enjoyed unhindered intimacy with God and with each other. Adam and Eve,… [more]