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Leadership Forum

“...it is not good for man to be alone.”
  If you were to ask me what God said at the end of each of the days of His creating the world, I could quickly answer, “He saw what He had made… and it was good.”  Nailed it!  Five points of Bible trivia awarded to me.
  But if you were to quiz me with, “Oh Bible genius, tell me then, what did God say was not good?”  Well now, I’ve got the clock running and the Jeopardy song is playing in my head, but I am coming up blank.  Can you see the sweat begin to form on my face?
  Carl and Lisa Peck, counselors here in Huntsville and a vital part of the Southwood extended family, came to speak on January 31st as part of the new Leadership Forum.  The Leadership Forum was formed in 2010 to create training opportunities for the leaders at Southwood.  The topic discussed in January was how to minister to hurting people and their first point was that “it is not good for man to be alone.”
  Adam was in the garden.  He had a specific job- ruler over all creation.  He had all his physical needs met and a perfect relationship with the Father.  Sin had not yet entered the world.  And yet, the Father said that it was not good.  It was not good for Adam to be alone. 
  The Lord provided for that need, but He had Adam feel the pain of loneliness FIRST.  If Adam, without sin and with a perfect relationship with His creator, still felt pain and still had a need, and if the Lord provided for that need with another person…what might the Lord be trying to communicate to you about your needs?

  As Southwood continues in our initiative to “grow small,” more leaders are required.  The Leadership Forum is the new means of training and equipping those leaders.  The first event of the Leadership Forum was the training session with the Pecks on January 31st.  They will be coming back each season in 2010 to continue to train leaders in how to minister effectively to a hurting person.

  All Leadership Forum events are open to the entire church.  Anyone who feels he or she is a leader, a mentor to another or would simply like to know how to best comfort a friend, please consider attending these events.

  Mark your calendars for the 2010 Leadership Forum dates:

Training with Carl and Lisa Peck April 25, 2010 Fellowship Hall
Ministering to Hurting People Part 2

Training with Carl and Lisa Peck July 25, 2010 Fellowship Hall
Ministering to Hurting People Part 3

Training with Carl and Lisa Peck TBA Fellowship Hall
Ministering to Hurting People Part 4