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Grace Groups and Connect Hour

The Scoop on Grace Groups

Southwood is a church that is made up OF small groups. These are communities where we lock arms to experience and express grace together, and these groups then gather for worship and the sacraments, unite to support mission partners locally and globally, and labor together to show the gracious love of Jesus to one another and our neighbors.

It’s time for a name change.

If you’ve been around Southwood for a while, then you’ve probably heard that term “small groups.” For decades at Southwood these groups have existed to help us find gospel-centered community, where we can experience and express God’s grace to one another and to our city as we grow in relationship together. This is why we’ve chosen to change the name from small groups to Grace Groups. The term Grace Groups better focuses us on the purpose and mission of these smaller communities within Southwood.

What is a Grace Group?

Simply stated, it’s a group of 3-18 people who commit to engage intentionally with one another for the purpose of investing in their relationships with God and their neighbors. A Grace Group can be a men’s group, a women’s group, a mixed-gender group, as well as a youth or children’s group. Our hope is to connect all of our members to a Grace Group that fits them best because we believe that these relationships give them the best opportunity not only to connect with other believers outside of worship services, but also to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus as they live life together. The encouragement from these relationships goes beyond the group and into all of the areas where we live, work, serve, and play.

What about men’s and women’s groups?

While the majority of our Grace Groups are mixed-gender groups, we also have groups specifically for men and women, too. These groups are Grace Groups as well because they focus on the three key relationships as a part of our mission, and they have a particular study focus within them. You can get connected to men’s or women’s groups through the same online form or by contacting .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions.

Our men’s groups will form and begin after Labor Day. Our women’s fall Bible study begins August, 26th and ends on December 9th. We will pick up in the study of Luke’s Gospel focusing on chapters 9-16. There are multiple meeting times:

Thursdays 9:30AM – 11:00AM via Zoom led by Stephanie Newberry

Thursdays 10:00AM – 12:00PM – includes fellowship time, childcare, and live teaching at SPC

Thursdays 6:30PM – 8:00PM at SPC led by Mary Rozier-Hachen, Cathy Mayer, Anna Kent and Julie Blauwkamp

Wednesdays 10:00AM – 11:30AM led by Veronica Adcock in her home at 1014 Coronado Avenue, 35802

Wednesdays 6:30PM-7:30PM at SPC led by Nanette Respess

Julie Blauwkamp and Anna Kent are developing the study. Each week there will be a handout with notes and commentary from the previous week’s verses and discussion questions for the following week. The live teaching time will occur during the Thursday morning gathering and will be available by Thursday afternoon on the Southwood website and Southwood Vimeo page.

Please let Anna Kent (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) know if you have any questions or if you would rather meet at a different time than those listed above.

How do I join a Grace Group?

Click here to sign up or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for questions.


Connect Hour This Fall

This Fall, we will more fully resume our Connect Hour. Connect Hour is the term used to refer to the time following the worship service at Southwood. During this hour, there are programs offered for children, teens, and adults. Since we are a church made up of Grace Groups (small groups), the purpose of the adult Connect Hour is to support our Grace Groups by equipping our people for growth in our three key relationships (God, one another, and our neighbors). The Connect Hour also offers a place of connection for new members and visitors with the hope that they will also join a Grace Group. That’s why these communities that meet during this time are called Connect Communities.

How do Connect Communities work?

The adult Connect Communities will be broken up into four groups, typically between 20-50 adults each, based on age. The purpose of the age ranges is to help new members and visitors find a starting point for connection. (30 and under, 30-45, 45-60, and 60+). The Welcome to Southwood class will also meet for visitors who want to join the church as new members. That being said, no one will be carding you at the door, and we encourage you and your Grace Groups and friends to attend whichever community encourages you the most. Attending with your Grace Group can give you another touchpoint with each other and help equip you together. Every Sunday morning you simply take a short journey from the sanctuary to a Connect Community gathering. These gathering places are clearly marked outside the doors of their meeting rooms. Each community will have focused teaching teams who will teach on different topics and Scriptures and offer time for discussion. Each community will also have focused Connect Teams who are there to help you connect with the group and create a welcoming environment of hospitality. The first semester of communities starts on Sunday, September 12.


Spiritual Formation-Discussing the connection between Scripture and “practicing” the Christian faith by studying and engaging with spiritual disciplines or “postures.”

Connect Team: Sam Brunson, Spencer Griffin, Michael and Anna Babin, Jonathan and Kaitlyn Young, Skeets and Beth Simonis


The Gospel Centered Parent-Designed to help parents and those interested in parenting to make faith in Jesus and hope in the gospel the core of parenting.

Connect Team: Jordan Razook, Elisabeth Enchelmayer, Kristen Symon


The Bible and Covenant Theology-Discussing the great story of God’s grace expressed through Covenants throughout the Bible and the hope that this provides for everyone.

Connect Team: David and Janet Skidmore, Max and Jennifer Swoboda, Gann and Katy Bryan, Jim and Barbara Harris


The Book of 1 John-Discussing the hope of Christ and the eternal truths and promises of the gospel as given to us in 1 John.

Connect Team: Jim and Cindy Lancaster, Garland and Geneva Cooper, Al and Arlene Eller

Welcome to Southwood

A place for those interested in learning more about the heart of Southwood, connecting with the mission and people of our church family, or pursuing church membership.