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Pastor’s Note

Pastor’s Note

How big is your world? No, I’m not talking about the global statistical markers of population (6,790,062,216 July 2009 est.) or space (510.072 million sq. km). I’m talking about how our engagement with the world lines up with the church’s marching orders from Jesus found in Matthew 28:19-20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, …” These verses are not unfamiliar to many of us, but how does it impact us?

In our Children’s Ministry, we actually use M&M’s to drive home the point that they were created to be M&M Kids (Missions Minded Kids: Blessed to be a Blessing); “missions” = Advancing the Kingdom of God in our lives, homes, church, community and world. This teaching finds its genesis in Genesis 12:1-3 in which God told Abraham that He would bless him so that he would be a blessing to all the families on the earth. In other words, God’s blessing of forgiveness of sins and new life in Christ is NOT to be kept to ourselves. He has also blessed us with gifts, resources, talents, a job, a station in life, etc. (all given to us by God) that we might be conduits of God’s blessing, not cul-de-sacs. Each summer during CLIMB, our 5th/6th graders spend a week together serving their church and community as an expression of being “blessed to be a blessing.” Serving is a vital part of the DNA of being a fully devoted follower of Christ.

In our Youth Ministry, our Jr. High students are serving beyond the comforts of home as they take Project Sweat on the road during a week in the summer to demonstrate the love of Christ to others. Our Sr. High students are the vanguard of short-term missions at Southwood with trips to both Mexico and Peru during the summers. Such service abroad not only advances God’s kingdom in the peoples and cultures they engage, it also has a profound impact on who they are as disciples of Christ. They begin to see the world, not just Huntsville, as God sees the world. They begin to have God’s heart for the nations.

On Oct 25, our church will come together for fun, both young and not so young, at Harvest HeyDay. This is an easy and enjoyable way we can serve our church, enjoy fellowship and be a blessing to unchurched family and friends. By inviting such family and friends, you are exposing them to Christ in our midst. This is only one of many ways the saints of Southwood can and are advancing God’s kingdom right here in Huntsville. Every day, lives are being impacted for Christ and our communities are different because of you. May this only increase to the glory of God!

Southwood is in Huntsville and for Huntsville but it is also in the world for the world. It is not one or the other, but both/and. World missions is not just about a line item in the budget by which we support missionaries, it is about us corporately and individually having God’s heart for the nations and that being expressed not just by our youth and a few “missions minded” adults, but by all of us. It is about posturing ourselves before God so our world becomes much larger than Huntsville with a healthy balance between advancing the Kingdom of God both at home and abroad. It is recognizing that in the past, others did have God’s heart for the nations (not just their own community) and we are recipients of the blessing with which they were blessed. Like Abraham, we have been blessed to be a blessing!

How big is your world?
Ken Stuart
Associate Pastor, Children/Family Ministry and Missions