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VBS: Who’s the Hero of Your Story?

VBS: Who’s the Hero of Your Story?

In the movie Superman Returns, Superman is having a conversation with Lois Lane and it goes like this:

Superman: “Listen; what do you hear?” Lois Lane: “Nothing.” Superman: “I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day I hear people crying for one.”

Wow. Superman had no clue how right he was.  We most definitely need a Savior and this year at Southwood’s VBS we have a wonderful opportunity to share the Great News of exactly who that Savior is…it’s not Superman, it’s not Batman….it’s Christ Jesus.  

VBS at Southwood exists to give K-5th grade students an opportunity to meet Jesus and grow in their understanding of a relationship with Him through fun activities that focus on Scripture, Community and Leadership Development. Last year’s VBS welcomed 165 kids, 48 nursery children, and 92 youth and adult volunteers.  Add in the parents, grandparents, or any other folks who drop off a child at VBS…that is an incredible opportunity for us to share the gospel. This year will be no different.  It’s an opportunity to champion some of the littlest, lost, lonely, and left out; to encourage invaluable VBS volunteers; to build friendships with members and visitors alike.  It’s an opportunity for us to introduce our children to Jesus and to help them grow in their understanding of a relationship with Him in fun, exciting, and meaningful ways.

This year’s VBS promises to be SUPER! That’s because this year’s VBS theme is Super Heroes Week - where we will focus on this question, “Who’s the hero of your story?” We’ll have the opportunity to hear from local “Hunstville Heros,” and we will point students to discover the heart of the one true Super Hero - GOD Himself!

Planning for VBS is already underway and now is the perfect time to join our VBS team of heroes.  Whatever your superpowers…Leader of the Littles, Defender of the Ice Cream Coffee, Worship Warrior, Prayer Machine, Sub Superstar, TechMan, or Nursery Ninja… whether serving with children or adults….there is a place for you to make a ‘POW’erful impact!   

Would you prayerfully consider the gifts God has bestowed upon you and how He may be calling you to use them this year at our
Super Hero VBS?

Visit southwood.org/vbs for more information.