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VBS Volunteers

VBS Volunteers

What It Means To Serve

Michael Moultrie
I love being part of VBS because it’s a wonderful experience to lead these kids, knowing that I was once in their shoes. Screaming, dancing, and going crazy all while praising Jesus in an awesome environment for the children is a blast. Last year, serving as a crew leader was one of my favorites because I led my own group of boys. The interactions between us and watching the light of God shine through them the entire week was such a blessing. Coming home from college last summer, VBS was a refreshing experience for me, and I am so thankful I got to serve.

Alvan & Arlene Eller
We were honored to volunteer as crew leaders for VBS last year. We were somewhat apprehensive when we showed up the first morning.  Our fears disappeared quickly as we followed the lead and instructions of our coordinators.  We loved being with the children, getting to know them and loving on them.  They seemed to like a couple of grandparents in their midst, and we enjoyed every minute we were with them.  By the end of the week, our hearts were filled with admiration for the children, the program, and our fellow volunteers. Such a great experience.

Joshua Hislop
Whether you are a crew leader, snack provider, or on stage singing and dancing; VBS is an amazing experience where kids, parents and young adults can experience God in a whole new light. For me, being a crew leader to my own group of kids is such a privilege because it is so fun to hang out with the them while jumping around, doing crafts and learning about the Bible. It is such a fun adventure that I am proud to be apart of.  As a high school student, I look forward to helping at VBS for many years to come.

Kelly Durham
I love getting to serve the children of Southwood and our community through VBS.  So thankful for a flexible job where I work for believers who value family.  They allow me to take off to do things that are important to me as a mother and a member of the body of Christ.  Watching these kids at VBS form new friendships, ask thoughtful questions and get excited about God’s love for them is a blessing.  I love seeing their different personalities and perspectives come out as they learn, create, sing and work together.  It’s such an honor and so much fun to see God through the eyes of children. 

Bruce Railey
Mary and I joined Southwood back in 1991. Young families, excellent teaching, many children and an opportunity to impact young lives while being the hands and feet of Jesus made VBS an exciting time to get to know others in Southwood.  In those early years, you just had to raise your hand to join others who were able to overcome lack of experience with energy and a love for the little ones. Many relationships developed during those early years continue today. It hasn’t always been easy adding VBS duties to an already busy schedule, but it was a wonderful time of sharing creativity and meeting a real need at Southwood. I especially want to encourage any and all dads to make a commitment to be a crew leader for the entire week.  While taking four mornings off of your job may make your workload a little heavier during the week, think of this as an opportunity to invest in Southwood’s future through the children. You never know how you can impact someone’s life or their family for Christ by giving just a few hours of your time the week of VBS.


VBS Expedition Norway
June 13–16, 2016

If you’d like to register, please visit http://www.southwood.org/vbs and fill out the form!