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Celebrating with Nancy McCreight

Celebrating 22 Years with Nancy McCreight!

Over 22 years Nancy McCreight has served the families and children of Southwood Presbyterian Church. She has seen this church through new buildings, staff changes, joyous times and hard times. Through it all she has seen God’s hand move, provide and care for His bride, the church. To hear her stories of VBS’s of long ago or hearing her laugh as she shares stories of the crazy things kids would do or say is well worth the time.


In 1993, I began work here at Southwood Presbyterian Church in a vital and growing children’s ministry. There were seven of us on staff and we met in what is now Jill’s Dance studio for worship and Casa Blanca restaurant, across from Grissom High School, for Nursery and Sunday School.

In those early days, when our playground was an asphalt parking lot and the Newberrys taught in the dry cleaners, every time it rained I’d find the ceiling tiles on the classroom floor. Barney always conveniently planned his vacations during the weeks of VBS, and I would call my parents complaining we did not have enough volunteers, asking them to pray.  We would move folding chairs out of the sanctuary every week to make room for Wednesday night programing so that Brian Beitel could run the kids in circles for recreation. Once, Mary Mitchell and I had a child get a plastic toy box stuck on his head. I’ll never forget that time when Stewart Parks had a meltdown in Children’s Church for no reason at all, or the summer camp trips Karen Parks and I would take with kids in a van to North Carolina or Mississippi.

My, how things have changed! Well, some more than others. I have been privileged to see a whole generation of kids grow up, learn and develop, go to college, marry and have children of their own. What a great experience this has been. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” 3 John 1:4.

As I complete my ministry here in Huntsville and at this beloved church, I move to my hometown of Sumter, South Carolina, to serve my aging parents. I desire to be with them and care for them at this stage of their lives. I will always love this church body. It is home to me, a place where I have grown much and been loved unconditionally. Southwood has impacted me for Christ and deepened my walk with Jesus. There will never be another church like this for me and I will treasure deeply the friendships I have made here. I’ve been impacted by the solid preaching, incredible staff relationships and volunteers who serve wholeheartedly, and I will always remember the precious children God has given this church. Their smiling faces and delightful, unique personalities will always be among my favorite memories.

Among my most favorite memories will be the incredible Bible Schools God has allowed us to host, especially in more recent years. After all the hours of planning, praying, recruiting and preparing, the week somehow comes together.  To watch the volunteers and kids gather in the Sanctuary where they sing and praise Jesus together is a joy on this side of Heaven like no other. How thankful I am to have been a part of this for His glory.

God has blessed this place, and I am very excited to see all that God will do in the years to come. As we teach our children from God’s Word, He is faithful to His promises! He will provide all we need.