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New Faces, New Fun

The laughter of children greets you as you walk down the Nursery and Children’s halls. What a joy to hear their voices singing and lifting praises to the Lord! Southwood’s Children’s Ministry continues to grow by leaps and bounds alongside the volunteer leaders who run it. Sunday mornings would not happen without their leadership, dedication, and passion for teaching and training the next generation of believers. We wanted to highlight some new faces in Children’s Ministry so we asked a few of them to share with us what they are looking forward to about serving in this ministry and what excites them the most. This is what they said!

Emily Polak — (4th/5th grade) Hwy45 Teacher
I’m looking forward to learning the catechism alongside the kiddos in Hwy45. I learned it a long time ago, and am looking forward to going through it again. I’m excited to get to know the kids. They all have fun personalities, and already it’s a joy to interact with them during the lessons.

Heather and Russell Joffrion — (PreK 4 yr olds) Preschool Teachers
H: Not having had a Presbyterian upbringing, I’m looking forward to learning the catechism myself, and hearing all the funny things four-year-olds say. I’m excited about the chance to show the love of Jesus to our littlest kiddos!
R: I am really looking forward to getting to know our preschoolers individually! Serving in Children’s Ministry is exciting because it is a hands-on chance to fulfill the vow I have taken many times as a member of Southwood to assist parents in the Christian nurture of their children.

Stephanie Lowe — (K/1st grade) KidsWorship Coordinator
I am looking forward to getting to know the kids and their parents in KidsWorship. As the mother of a 3 and a 5 year old, this community is exciting for our family. What excites me about serving in Children’s Ministry is being a part of God’s story in these kids’ lives and helping them understand how much He loves them. A child being able to rest in that truth is an incredible anchor as they go through adolescence and throughout their lives.

Reeves Fancher — (2nd/3rd grade) Truth Trek Coordinator
I am most looking forward to building a relationship with the students. I am also eager to watch them grow in their relationship with the Lord as they memorize scripture and study God’s promises. What excites me most about the upcoming year is learning just as much, if not more, from these students as they do from me.

Kellie Jo Snyder — (K/1st grade) KidsWorship Teacher
I am looking forward to getting to know a part of the church body I don’t know. We don’t have any kids in this age group and I feel we miss out on knowing some great families that have kids this age. What excites me about serving in Children’s Ministry is the opportunity to be silly. I love the way you can be yourself with kids and the nuttier the better. You can be goofy with them all while expressing grace and love to them that comes from our heavenly Father. Kids are FUN!

Rachael Martin — (6th grade) Ascent Teacher
I’m looking forward to building relationships with the 6th grade students while getting to know them and their families. I’m excited to serve the Ascent ministry through studying God’s word and watching the students learn while they express ideas and interests through our conversations.