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Back to Sunday School

Back to Sunday School

More often than not, going back to school means children encountering new faces, new places and experiencing new ideas. For some, this can be an intimidating and scary process… but not here. Our goal in children’s ministry is to bring glory to God by developing relationships with kids where they learn love and Biblical truths in exciting and creative environments to experience and express grace. At Southwood, our Sunday morning environments consist of instruction through engaging, age-appropriate ways and through environments created not only to foster learning, but also to help our children eagerly look forward to the next Sunday.

New Faces
On a Sunday morning, kids will not only have the opportunity to meet new faces amongst their classmates and fellow children of the covenant, but they will also be greeted by new adult faces who love Jesus and love them.  Our volunteer leaders play a vital role and are just as important and hard working as our staff. These leaders facilitate Sunday school, teach Sunday school lessons, lead small groups, play with children, greet visitors, provide security, lead worship, and operate our Tech/AV systems. These leaders are passionate about expressing God’s grace and love to the children that walk through their doors.

New Places
Children will enjoy the new environments created not only to foster education of the gospel but also to help children eagerly look forward to the next Sunday.  We’ve created open environments where kids can huddle with their teachers or small group leaders digging deeper into God’s Word. Beginning with Kindergarten, children are assigned to one small group throughout the school year. This provides continuity of relationship and application plus accountability for the children. Our children also find comfort in the familiarity of 5-6 other children who are in their small group. Our small group leaders model grace, pray for and with the children and help apply the lesson in their everyday lives. They also help connect church and home through parental connections. For our children, small group involvement at an early age becomes a healthy prelude to small group involvement as a youth and then adult. It forms the DNA of something we put a high premium on to help set patterns and expectations for walking with Christ in the context of community for the rest of their lives.

New Ideas
The Biblical truths that kids learn on a Sunday morning are far from new. However, Biblical truths spoken in new and relevant ways will allow application of God’s Word to sink in, leaving room for God to do His work within their hearts. Our desire in teaching is to point children to Jesus and His love. By diving into God’s Word, a foundation is built upon Biblical truths, thus allowing kids to make real life applications and tools to carry with them into the future.


Join us for back to Sunday School as we kick off our fall semester as a covenant community. Don’t miss Sunday, August 9, during the Sunday School hour, in the sanctuary for a fun, engaging look at the over-arching theme beginning in Children’s Ministry through Adult Ministry!