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VBS and Climb 2015

VBS and Climb 2015

Pack your trunks for VBS this Summer!
We are headed to Thailand!

Southwood’s Children’s Ministry is excited to bring you a whole new VBS this summer! This year we are mission focused and expanding our children’s world view.  Children will have an opportunity to experience the culture of Thailand through hands-on activities, games, and food while learning Biblical truths. Due to the increased hands-on activities, small groups will be smaller, creating a need for 50 crew leaders to guide the kids from room to room to experience Thailand and learn about God’s love for them and the world. How fun would it be to experience Thailand with a group of five children? Amazingly awesome! Don’t take our word for it, though; read how volunteers from 2014 enjoyed their experience.

Nicole Lucas
I remember the first time I volunteered at VBS.  As I stood in the sanctuary watching all the children sing and dance to the worship songs, tears streamed down my cheeks. This was the Holy Spirit at work. I could see Jesus dancing in the sanctuary that day. I’ll never forget it. I could see the impact Christ was making on each of these children and I love Christ even more because of it. VBS has changed my heart and impacted my life. I’ve made friendships and have really gotten to know my church family. And if that doesn’t convince you to volunteer, the coffee punch is to die for!

Cindy Lancaster
Volunteering in our Children’s Ministry allows me to feel a part of my Southwood family. It’s two fold: I experience the love others at Southwood have for each other and Jesus Christ.  Watching the leadership and staff in action at VBS, I am amazed by their skill and dedication.  Seeing the hearts our parents have for the Lord and their dedication to passing this on to their children is unbeatable. When I arrive the first morning of VBS, the real work is already done.  All I have to do is love and be loved by the children as we experience together the love that God has for us. I have the privilege of working with the little ones who are not old enough for VBS and whose parents are serving. For me, I see first hand how people show their love for others as Christ intended us to do. I love my Southwood family and the chance to work with this family’s most important future assets–it’s precious children. I can’t wait to meet my class this summer!

Katie Smith
VBS is one of my favorite parts of the summer! Everyday the kids and leaders come refreshed and excited for the new day’s activities! Strong friendships are built in this week of Bible school and they make more of an impact on these kids’ lives than what we realize. After attending a VBS in Elementary School, I fell in love with and accepted Christ. My life was forever changed! Information is understood and responded to differently when it isn’t just coming from your parents or your pastor. VBS unites all ages of Southwood’s congregation to one important and fun purpose: preaching the gospel to our children.

Karl Pittard
I am going to let you in on a secret. There is an entire community bubbling right under your noses and if you aren’t careful, you’ll miss it. That community has its own style of worship, etiquette, and social scene that’ll make your head spin.  If you haven’t guessed, it’s the Southwood kids!  They are the biggest bunch of charismatic little Presbyterians you’re likely to ever meet.  That beautiful unfailing faith and love never becomes more apparent than when they engage in their annual revival they call VBS. To be a part is an indescribable gift. Let them minister to you and feel the love of Christ through them. The Lord calls us to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and in that, I am called. If you volunteer, I have a warning…your Sunday mornings will never be the same. Your circle of friends will grow by 100 more smiling faces because, with a Christian love, they will adopt you into their tribe.


Our 6th grade mission week is well worth the sweat and hard work. Serving at places like Lincoln Village, The Care Center, Manna House and Deep Roots gives an opportunity for kids to experience and see the needs of their community. You will have a blast as you come alongside these kids and serve with them. Don’t believe us? Read what some volunteers said about their experience last year.

Luke Railey
CLIMB is, in my opinion, the most fun and easiest way to be involved in serving locally. I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with the group last year and it was a blast. We spent a few days doing small jobs that made a huge difference at places like a thrift store and Lincoln Village. It is not only about the kids, chaperones can sweat too! I got to hang out with the coolest age group, 6th graders, of course, and get to know some folks with whom I was merely acquainted. Sitting around with snacks and cool drinks on a rewarding summer day is what I remember best. The fellowship and service opportunities are the highlights of CLIMB and I look forward to another great event this summer.

Jackie Criswell
For the past two summers, I have been fortunate enough to be able to come alongside a group of 6th graders in Southwood’s CLIMB.  The program is simple, each day we take a group to serve around the city. For them to be able to see the needs in their own city and to serve other kids that are their own age, is immeasurable.  Each day we talked to the group about being the hands and feet of Christ as they were serving. Something as simple as weeding at Lincoln Academy, is ministering to every student there without saying a word.  We sorted clothes at The Care Center, prepped food at Manna House, learned about seeds and gardening at Deep Roots and help to clean and weed at Lincoln Academy. They come home tired and dirty, but gain so much in seeing and sharing God’s love for others.


Join us this summer! Monday-Thursday, June 15-18, 9-11:30am
Register today at southwood.org/vbs or southwood.org/climb