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Youth Missions Report

Youth Missions Report

Mission trips are part of the summer landscape for our high school students. Two different groups boarded planes and flew south to live and work in Peru. A third group boarded SUVs and minivans and drove northeast to live and work in Lincoln Village for a week. The Junior High Project Sweat group will board a bus on July 16 and drive east to minister in Atlanta for a week. Why mission trips for high school and junior high school students?  When students find themselves living and working in areas outside their comfort zones, they experience what God is doing in cross-cultural settings and in other parts of the kingdom, expose themselves to the realm of missions and build relationships with missionaries.

The annual trip to southeast Peru supports a home for abandoned street boys who have been rescued by local missionaries. Single mothers of multiple children frequently have to decide which of their children to abandon onto the streets, so that she can better care for and feed the others. It is often the older boys that are abandoned because the mother believes that they can better take care of themselves and survive. However, the lives of these boys become darkened by the drug and sex trade—doing whatever they have to for the next meal! The boys in Urubamba who have been rescued from the streets of Lima and Cusco, are given a new opportunity with food, shelter, clothing, education, love, and new life. What a beautiful picture of redemption!

The Peru work included clearing and leveling a corn field, turning soil and mixing in hay, adding the water, stomping it to the right consistency, shoveling it into wheelbarrows, moving it to the level part of the field, lifting it out and placing it into brick forms resulting in 1,150 forty pound adobe bricks that will be used to construct a new building on their current campus. The best time spent, however, was the play and meal time with the boys. Teaching each other how to speak our respective languages and simply just sharing in the love and joy of the same Heavenly Father, made for an incredible experience of ministry and being ministered to.

Though the orginial plan for the third group was to minister in Mexico, forty students and adults found themselves living and working in northeast Huntsville. Sub groups spread out over our community working on different tasks including weeding in fields with Harvest Ministry, serving meals at Manna House, painting, organizing, and demolition at Lincoln Village, and clearing trails and brush at Camp ToknowHim in Pisgah, AL. Though they never left home and passports were not stamped with Mexico, the students benefitted significantly. The greatest benefit was advancing the Kingdom of God without leaving Huntsville. By staying here, all obstacles to serving were removed and the opportunities to continue to serve in their own community became real. Many are continuing to minister in the Village or at Manna House, and some students plan to minister during the school year. Small groups now have a vision of good opportunities to serve with one another in their own community.

We have all been redeemed from unimaginable circumstances and the effects of sin by the same Saviour.