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Comprehensive Curriculum

Children’s minds are sponges. They retain more information in their formative years than in any other. Thus, building a foundation of Biblical truths upon which the building blocks of faith are placed as children grow is of utmost importance.  That is why hours are spent in organizing and developing impactful curriculum for our covenant children.

Southwood’s Children’s Ministry exists as a direct response to the covenant community’s baptismal vows and Christ’s Great Commission. Scripture clearly indicates a relationship between families and church in the spiritual training and nurture of our covenant children.  We aim to partner church and parent through the seasons of a child’s life.

Looking at the curriculum beginning with 14 months through sixth grade you will find repetition. This is vital. Children learn and apply lessons differently as they grow both cognitively and spiritually.  Repeating a story, biblical theme, or a verse throughout a child’s early years, will help ensure that they remember it when they are older. As they get older, the Holy Spirit will help them recall what they’ve learned, and use it to transform their heart.

This repetition happens in many areas, but our curriculum plan is intentionally designed to bring out several key themes we want our kids to learn. Among other things, we want our kids immersed in who God is and how they can know him. In other words, they learn about magnificent attributes of God as well as what each of those attributes can mean to them as they relate to a God they can know as their God. Over and over again we also help them see the one big story of Scripture so that they better understand all the classic Bible stories you would expect to learn in Sunday School and how they fit in with God’s story. Finally, we repeat catechism memory, which gives kids an opportunity to cement learning as well as to focus more on understanding and applying these great truths as they get older.

At Southwood, all of this instruction happens through the use of our Sunday Morning Environments.  Each environment uses the Large group/Small group format in order to present Biblical truths using engaging and creative elements. For example, larger than life board games or game shows are used to help kids review lesson material. Puppetry is used to engage children in lessons week to week. Even the use of props and costumes makes the Bible stories come to life. 

Our desire in teaching is to point children to Jesus and His love.  It is best stated in our vision and mission statement. “To bring glory to God by developing relationships with kids where they learn love and Biblical truths in exciting and creative environments to experience and express grace.”

We realize that what we do on Sunday morning is a very small portion of your child’s week. We are excited to share with and come alongside you with resources and tools in the teaching, training and sharing of God’s grace with your child.

Southwood Nursery | Walkers and Toddlers Nursery
Curriculum: To Toddlers with Love (Early Childhood)
Focus: Creation, Mimi on the Farm, God made Families, Noah and the Ark, Jesus’ Birth

Southwood Preschool | Two & Three Year-old Preschool
Curriculum: Show Me Jesus Toddler (Great Commission Publication)
Focus: God’s Family (covers line of promise from Adam to Joseph), God’s Son (covers birth and stories of Jesus), God’s Love (covers Jesus’ life, death and resurrection), God’s People (covers God’s guidance of His people in the Old Testament)
Reference: Catechism for Young Children Q&A #1-15

Southwood Preschool | Four Year-old Preschool
Curriculum: Kid’s Quest Beginners (Great Commission Publication)
Focus: Creation, Who is God, God’s Word, Adam & Eve, Covenant of Life, Sin, The Fall, God’s Grace through Jesus
Reference: Catechism for Young Children Q&A #1-46

Promise Path | Kindergarten & 1st Grade Elementary
Curriculum: Books of the Bible
Focus: Overarching thread of redemption through all of Scripture
Reference: Old Testament & New Testament

Kids Worship | Kindergarten & 1st Grade Children’s Church
Curriculum: Attributes of God
Focus: Characters of God, Person and Work of Jesus Christ, Worship, Sacraments, Prayer

Truth Trek | 2nd & 3rd Grade Elementary
Curriculum: Children Desiring God
Focus: The ABC’s of God (covers the Attributes of God), Faithful to All His Promises (covers the Promises of God)

Hwy 45 | 4th & 5th Grade Elementary
Curriculum: Kids’ Quest Elementary (Great Commission Publication)
Focus: Who is God, Adam & Eve, Sin, Grace, Faith, Christ, Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, Jesus’ Return
Reference: Catechism for Young Children Q&A #1-150

Ascent | 6th Grade Middle School
Curriculum: Jr. High Small Group (Group Publishing)
Focus: Beatitudes: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Ten Commandments, Fruit of the Spirit, Faith in Christ: Salvation and our Identity in Christ
Reference: Matthew 5:1-12, Exodus 20, Galatians 5:22-23