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What Does the Volunteer Say?

What Does the Volunteer Say?

Hayden Mayer says….
I remember going to VBS at Southwood every year while growing up. It’s changed a lot over the years but I’ve always loved going. Now it’s really cool to serve as a youth crew leader and is a fun way to give back to my church.  VBS is just fun! Everything about it is fun! I like helping other kids enjoy something that I really enjoyed doing as a kid.  In fact, I had the most fun at recreation time.  It was fun to interact with and build relationships with the kids while playing games.  VBS is a great way to teach the younger kids about Jesus in a different way than just sitting there for an hour on a Sunday.  After an entire week of VBS, kids really walk away with learning about Jesus’ love for them and how His love never fails and that He saved us.

Debbie Babin says….
As a VBS crew leader with preschool age children, I enjoyed watching their excitement during the interactive Bible stories, music, and crafts.  An experience that stands out to me was a little boy that I watched every day in Crafts, where they kids experience science type experiments.  He never seemed to be totally focused on the task at hand and didn’t say much.  On the last day of VBS, the leaders were questioning the children about what they had learned during the week.  This little boy spoke up and explained in much detail and in the most articulate way, what had been taught and what it meant.  It just goes to show you that even when you don’t think a child is taking in what you want them to hear, they can surprise you.

Ashley Mitchell says….
VBS is a fun-filled activity that kicks off the start to our summer. It is highly anticipated and amazing to experience a theme driven program which transforms our entire family at Southwood. I enjoy hearing spirit filled singing and seeing dancing from all ages. I always look forward to new smiling faces from people in our community and lots of excitement from those who return every year. I feel that God is smiling down when He sees little and big hearts rejoicing over His Son. Looking forward to seeing you this summer at VBS!

Patrick Harris says….
I had the chance to serve as a crew leader for a great energy packed VBS!  It was so neat to see how excited the kids were, even the crew leaders were excited… in fact, everybody was excited! Beautiful thing about the week of VBS is watching adults and kids bond over Jesus daily. The opportunity to serve and make memories with m y son Taylor and the other kids on my crew were amazing and irreplaceable.

Amy Williams says….
VBS is a great experience which I have been able to be a part of for many years now.  It always amazes me just how much goes into Bible school! The lessons, skits, props, music, food, and enthusiasm are just fabulous.  The kids show up and can feel the love of all the leaders and can feel the enthusiasm that everyone has for Jesus!  That is the best part about it—everyone singing and praising Jesus!  It is a time for the kids and adults just to act silly and loud and have fun together.