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Ocoee Rock River Retreat

Ocoee Rock River Retreat

It is that time of year again: vans full of kids heading out of town; teenagers ignoring impassioned pleas to wear sunscreen and youth leaders existing on less sleep than anyone over the age of sixteen should consider safe. Sound scary? It is student ministries. It is High-Life. It is the summer. And that means it is time for Rock River Retreat.

August 3rd through 5th we will load in to those proverbial vans, cars and trucks and head toward higher ground and raging rapids. High-Life is built upon relationships. First, is it built on relationship with Christ, but secondly relationships with each other. This retreat provides the context for both to be established and re-enforced. The kids all got promo information in the mail, but you need to see what they are so excited about. This also provides a great way for you to know enough to share the ministry of High-Life with someone who is longing for real relationships in this life.

High-Life is all about building life’s foundation on Jesus Christ. Rocks are used in various ways to make sense of spiritual truths in our everyday lives. Throughout the Scriptures God refers to rocks as a foundation, a cornerstone, and even stones of remembrance. This weekend we will consider building a foundation upon God’s word, making memories as stones of remembrance, and considering Christ as our only true cornerstone. The specific focus for the weekend will be Psalm 1 & 2 in relationship to our lives and our High-Life community.

High-Life is all about connecting students through relationships that walk with them throughout high school. We want to see students established in small groups for the duration of their high school years. This retreat offers an essential opportunity for students and leaders to experience life and adventure together before school even starts. We will be breaking up into “tribes” and covering the essentials of small groups in a number of outdoor activites. One of these activities is rafting the Ocoee River together. The Ocoee River is a thrill from launch to take out. Its fully guided class 3 and 4 rapids offer 5 miles of non-stop whitewater action that will challenge the beginner and even the most experienced rafter. At High-Life we like to say “people who raft together stay together.”

High-Life is all about the Kingdom of God and that Kingdom is full of adventure. This year we are calling all freshmen and sophomores to come along on the Rock River Retreat! We believe retreats are an essential aspect of a student’s spiritual journey and have intentionally created this retreat out of our love for freshmen and sophomores. High-Life is thrilled to offer this unique retreat transitioning freshmen and sophomores into our High-Life community before the school year starts. With this in mind, this year’s Winter Retreat will be exclusively for juniors and seniors. If you are currently a freshman or sophomore, this is your retreat for the year!

Students can register at southwood.org/highlife. You can also call Kim Delchamps at 256-882-3085 x115. We know that as parents, grandparents and friends, sometimes there are details that a flyer just can’t answer. The relationships we care about create a partnership with parents and you need to know that our doors, inboxes and phone lines are open.  One last thing: If you are one of the kind of adults who just refuses to grow up and longs to introduce students to Jesus, then you should call us, too. We are always recruiting new leaders. Who knows, next year you could be on the verge of no sleep, non-stop music you’ve never heard and conversations with students who didn’t know they needed the friend that only you could be.