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Judy Honeycutt: More Than a Pastor’s Wife

Judy Honeycutt: More Than a Pastor’s Wife

The search committee which brought the Honeycutts to Southwood made it clear to Judy and Mike when they came to Huntsville that the church’s expectations for Judy were first and foremost to take care of her husband and family, knowing ministry and pastoring is exhausting. Judy’s main job was to be family. Whatever she chose to be involved in as a woman in the church would be by choice, not a “pastor’s wife job description.” As Mike leaves imprints on this flock, his bride, as he often refers to Judy, leaves indelible marks, too. As she ministered to her family, she ministered to her church and to her children’s schools and their sports/dance communities. Judy grew up in a family whose lives are marked by service to the church, those less fortunate or with special needs and to the community. Her parents modeled this daily. And Judy has modeled it in her own life.

No matter where the Honeycutts have lived, Judy has been involved with women. Judy’s vision for women studying one topic together, whether in the morning or evening, combined with small group discussion helped formulate the model that Morning and Evening Edition women’s Bible studies follow. Judy’s leadership in teaching women is significant and enduring. The leaders who have sat under her weekly equipping will say that they look forward to time with her studying the Word and learning how to lead small group discussion more effectively.

Another area of ministry that came to life under Judy’s wise guidance is the Special Needs ministry. A Sunday school class, friendship sitting during the 11:00 worship service and dinners with our families and volunteers have helped move our special friends and their families from the edges of the church into the life of the church. An additional area of ministry that quietly began under Judy’s watchful eye, and that continues under Jeanette Leggett’s direction, is a monthly lunch for staff wives to get together. This monthly gathering includes a meal and discussion about ministry life, the joys and challenges they experience alongside their husbands, and a time of prayer.

Throughout the years, Judy also has enjoyed meeting with smaller sets of women through gatherings of wives: deacons or elder, Home Builders or Life Builders. She has enjoyed her visits in homes, helping serve at church events, teaching four year olds on Sunday morning, and rocking babies in the nursery. In addition to her service at Southwood, Judy has been a significant voice and leader in our presbytery through PresWIC (Women in the Church) and serves as a regional representative for the PCA’s WASC (Women’s Advisory Council). Her humor, sense of fun and love of games have marked events in which she has been involved. No matter the setting, women have enjoyed and gleaned much from Judy.

As Judy transitions from being the wife of a pastor to the wife of a professor, she will bring a tapestry of experiences to share with seminary women and wives. She will be able to share how to love and minister to a husband whose calling as a pastor brings a unique set of challenges and expectations. She will be able to encourage when little ones are fretful and seminary studies encroach on family time. She will be able to recount the joys of ministry with women in the church, the delights of motherhood, and the anecdotes of being a pastor’s wife. She will point them to the source of this life’s deepest joy and greatest comfort, God and his Word. Judy’s godly wisdom, humor, sense of adventure, devotion to studying the Word with women, and most importantly, her enjoyment and love for her husband and children will be gifts to Covenant Seminary women—just as they have been gifts to us.