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Hey Day

Hey Day

Once in a land to the South which was good
Sat a town on a hill, in the midst of a Wood
With grass and the sounds of “honk honk” and “moo moo”
And a loud loud alarm that would go “woo woo woo.”
Where through most of the year they’d sit still as if ice
Except for some jokes when they’d laugh once or twice.
But then’d come October with the Harvest along
With the HeyDay and laughing and jumping and song.
A joyous event with many great features
And costumes galore from each tot to each Creature
And not one was scary and none tried to scare
For all were depraved, yes, every one there.

And they welcomed their friends and the friends of their friends
And said to them all “Please come by, yes come in!”
Some sat in booths giving out information
Watching children play games while they held conversation.
And others drove cars decked with much decoration
And Trunks filled with Treats for this fall celebration.
From four until six the kids bags they would fill
But not Twice As Often lest they all be ill!
Just once was enough, there was Not A Repeat
For those dear sweet children decked out head to feet.

For fun there were slides and mazes and walls
And adults to ensure that the kids had no falls
There was bouncing and running and jumping around
With the whirring and buzzing generators’ sound.
There were drinks hot and cold their thirst there to quench
And chairs and some tables and maybe a bench.

They played there for hours from three until six
When they realized the candy would make them all sick
“What now should we do for our stomachs are rumbling
And we’re tired from all of our jumping and tumbling.
We see families and friendships and red fire trucks
But where”, they all cried, “is pizza for five bucks?”
When what to their wondering eyes did appear,
But a vendor with fair food located quite near!
The grown-ups had cash in their pockets you see
To purchase some food for their stomachs to feed.

And so on this glorious family-filled day
You could feel the love pouring from every which way
With friends from all ages, from youngest to old
Enjoying themselves whether hotter or cold.
And grace that they heard, oh the grace grace grace grace
Just echoed around the whole entire place.
And they all had good fun, yes, had fun that was good
At HeyDay, in the field, in the South, in the Wood.

Sunday, October 23rd

3:00 - 6:00pm

Join us for an afternoon of food, inflatables and fun on the Southwood grounds. Admission is free, but please bring cash for fair-type food. Bring friends and family and dress up if you like, but no scary costumes please.

Volunteer Opportunities (one hour shifts)
• Manning inflatables
• Volunteer and first aid tables
• Trunk or Treat - Prize for the best car/decoration (four tickets to Behold the Lamb)
• Set up and clean up
• Manning the helium tank and filling balloons.
• Candy Donations - Drop off candy at downstairs Kids’ entrance.

Please volunteer at HeyDay
For more info email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)