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Sundays in Student Ministries

Sundays in Student Ministries

Student Ministries believes experiencing and expressing grace is the best way of advancing Christ’s Kingdom in the lives of students. Sunday mornings are essential in expressing grace through Kingdom environments.

Southwood Kids! (PreK-6th grade)

With all that is changing, much stays the same. As Southwod partners with parents on Sunday mornings, you can be assured that your children will still experience grace through large group worship, large group teaching and small groups in each of our ministry departments from PreK - 6th grade at 9:30am and 11:00am. Nursery will continue to serve as it has supporting parents and ministering to little ones. What has changed is the look, frequency and location of our PreK - 6th grade environments. With the “new” face of Sundays at Southwood starting September 18th, you might have some questions.

Who moved the children’s classes and where did they go?
Great question with an exciting answer! While it appears that all of our PreK - 2nd grade environments disappeared from the first floor, all they did was relocate to the second floor providing a more unified, child inviting and friendly space for PreK - 6th graders. Your staff and Session agreed that this would be a huge win for not only the children but also the adults with the creation of adult seminar spaces downstairs. Upstairs, there is a whole new look and feel to Southwood Kids. You really need to check it out!

Can my child go to either Sunday School hour?
As with our adults through Southwood’s small group ministry, your children (PreK - 6th grade) are also involved in a small group on Sunday mornings. That small group remains the same throughout the school year with a continuity of adult leaders and peers. They are designed for relationships to develop, age-appropriate accountability and the comfort and security of a group that knows them and where they know others. This kind of small group environment is an important component of your child’s Sunday experience outside of corporate worship. For the best interest of your child, our 9:30 and 11:00 children’s environments are designed for attendance at a singular and consistent hour throughout the school year.

Can I put my child in Sunday School while I’m in worship?
Your family’s Sunday experience has a singular point in corporate worship as young and old alike lift up our voices in praise and open ourselves to the preached word with the gospel bearing on every facet of our lives. Sunday Seminars, connecting spaces, KidsWorship, nursery and our children’s environments are all designed to help support that singular point. While it might seem “inconvenient” or sometimes “disruptive” to have your preK or older child in the sanctuary with you, they are valuing what you value as you demonstrate that before them. Will they understand everything? Perhaps not, but this creates the open doors for dialog and instruction between parent and child as you help them understand the marvelous grace of God in Christ. The best (but not always easiest) for you and your child is to attend corporate worship together (note: KidsWorship is available for PreK and K during the sermon portion of all three worship services).

TreeHouse (Jr. High)

While Sunday mornings may be a difficult time for 7th and 8th graders to come to church and be alert, the Jr. High ministry believes it is a very important time for leaders to meet students where they are and creatively engage them with God’s Word on His Sabbath day. We see this time as an opportunity to guide them in God’s Word and His redemptive relationship to the world as it applies to their day-to-day lives.

Who comes and what is taught?
TreeHouse is for 7th and 8th grade students. Covenant children, students from families who are visiting Southwood, and students’ friends are encouraged to come. The TreeHouse curriculum is designed to help the students meaningfully connect the preaching from the pulpit and different Communicant Class material to their lives with the goal of growing in maturity in Christ.

Can Jr. High students come to TreeHouse while their parents go to corporate worship?
TreeHouse is not intended to replace the corporate worship time, but to accompany corporate worship by exploring in age-specific ways what it means to experience and express grace in their lives and relationships. TreeHouse is a time to consider how God’s Word and Spirit transforms them in Christ’s Kingdom as experienced in the Southwood body and the Huntsville community.

What happens during the TreeHouse time?
A hot breakfast is served for Jr. High and Sr. High students from 9:00-9:30am in the Lodge. During the Sunday Seminar hours after the first and second worship services (9:30 and 11:00am), students gather in the gym in the Lodge for a leader-led learning experience of God’s Word. Following the teaching time, a gender-based small group discussion is led by leaders with the intention that students’ hearts, minds, and lives are affected by the truths and grace of the gospel. Both the 9:30am and 11:00am TreeHouse times will have the same teacher and learning experience.

Senior High-Life Sunday Seminars

The Senior High-Life department is coming alongside the Christian Education department by encouraging Sr. High students to attend Sunday Seminars according to their interest and level of biblical understanding. The goal is to have High-Life adult leaders engage with students in different Sunday Seminars that foster relationships outside of Sunday mornings. In addition to the list of Sunday Seminars offered, we will be offering a High-Life Sunday Seminar. High-Life Sunday Seminars aim to spiritually sharpen senior high students, their parents and servant leaders who want to engage in youth culture.

The first High-Life Sunday Seminar offered, “An Overview of the Bible,” is an intro-level seminar that intends to give students and adults a basic understanding of Scripture. The seminar will provide a snapshot of the Bible, themes of each book, and some devotional material as a teaching supplement. The seminar will be at 9:30am and 11:00am starting September 18th in the Lodge family room.

Which seminar should my high school student go to?
There are many options for students. Students who haven’t gone through communicants class but would like to become communing members are encouraged to attend “Welcome to Southwood” at 9:30am. Students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology may attend the systematic theology seminar “5 Points of Calvinism.” The seminar on the gospel of John is a great seminar if students are interested in learning about the life of Jesus and want to dig deep into one particular book of the Bible.

Will High-Life still serve students breakfast?
Yes. The Lodge will still have a hot breakfast for students from 9:00-9:30am. When they finish breakfast, students will head over for worship or to the Sunday Seminar of their choice. As usual the Lodge is home to the youth and we would love to touch base with students between services and seminars.

Where will High-Life Leaders be?
Where the students are. High-Life leaders will attend seminars with the intent of being with students. Sunday mornings give students and leaders a touch point that assist in connectivity throughout the week. High-Life continues to be a leader driven ministry that loves to partner with parents and the church for the hearts of students.