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VBS 2011

VBS 2011

Spring is in the air: short-sleeve shirts and bright sunny skies, longer days as creation blooms. For many, it is a time to look forward to the hot break of Summer. For the few, it is a time to prepare for a different kind of school. Vacation Bible School. Just the thought of it makes my heart race a little faster and my adrenaline pump. If there was ever a person who loved Vacation Bible School…it would be me. I love everything about VBS—the crafts, the music, the snacks, the kids jumping and singing and praising Jesus, the hundreds of adult volunteers coming together as one Body to work and serve and point the little ones towards Christ—it is awesome! I have been involved with Southwood’s VBS for the past 5 years; 4 of those years as the VBS Director or Co-Director. It was my heart’s love and joy every year to organize and “boss” hundreds of volunteers, investing literally hundreds of man-hours towards the cause, all leading up to the long-anticipated Monday morning when hundreds of children walked thru the Southwood doors with one purpose for the week—JESUS. Tears streamed down my face every year and the memories of those precious weeks I carry with me and think back on fondly. The vision of the Body of Christ coming together for one purpose, one goal, one week focused on His children…breath-taking.

The same all-encompassing, breath-taking vision for VBS 2011 is in its beginning stages right now. And it starts with one.

One person who loves VBS. One voice crying in the desert of the Southwood hallways. And that one voice turns to ten, and then fifty, and then hundreds.

It only takes one coordinator with the gift of administration and registration. One person with the arms to love babies. One person who believes music and praising Jesus does not have to be lame. One teacher who will bring the living and active Word of God to the children. One person who loves the great outdoors and understands care for the physical body/exercise. One person who takes care of the physical hunger so the spiritual hunger is not distracted. One person with a creative heart to praise Jesus in every day crafts. One photographer to make the kids feel special. One leader to boss it all around. And the one becomes part of the hundreds of volunteers required every year to man a Southwood VBS.

Several years ago as we were driving home after a sweet VBS day in which I directed at Southwood my son said to me “Mommy, VBS is really fun! You should come!!” And so, this is my year to “come”! My heart is driven to be with the children and so this year I will be one of the hundreds of volunteers who will physically play, learn, jump, sing, paint, and run alongside the children every day of VBS week…loving His children and being a small part of the bigger Body.

This year I will be one of the ones. Just one of the many voices that will turn into a roaring chorus of hundreds within the next month.

Now is the time, Southwood, to rise up and be the one. VBS is a week of love and laughter and learning. It is a week when the gospel message goes forth to hundreds of children in one day. What we do now will echo in eternity. Come and serve alongside those who share the same Spirit. There are dozens of ways to serve our children, our church, and our community during VBS 2011. So bring your love and your gifting and join us. Some of my dearest friends and most-trusted mentors have come from serving alongside of one another in the trenches of VBS glue sticks and snacks, coordinator socials, and thousands (no, I am not exaggerating) of planning emails. The bonds of VBS-hood will always hold fast. Come and join us and together we can be the ones who are the hands and feet of Christ. VBS 2011 is coming. So let the little children come…and let us point them to Christ.

To volunteer for VBS contact our VBS Co-Directors, Mary Ivy Cost and Christy Spink, by going to www.southwood.org/vbs and click on “Volunteer Registration.”