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the beauty

the beauty

You can’t ask someone to write for Branches on the topic of “The Beauty” without being again attacked by my adversary with the question, “Who are you to write about the glory of a woman?” I ask myself this question an awful lot, especially given that I am a broken man but living in the midst of a home swimming in estrogen! That is the exact moment when I sense a confirmation on why I have such a passion for little girls and young women alike to have a sense of their worth in their biological AND heavenly Father’s eyes.

Over the years I have read books from Lewis, Eldredge and even the Jesus Storybook Bible that have brought out the concept of the larger story and the reality that followers of Christ are nothing less than Royalty.

Eldredge’s book, Wild at Heart, includes a powerful chapter on The Beauty. He introduces the questions that haunt every beauty since the fall…“Am I worth fighting for?” and “Am I lovely?” Eldredge informs his readers that he sees these two questions in his counseling sessions over and over again. When I first read these words, my heart broke. At the time, my girls were very young, but I could see it so clearly in their childlike innocence. “Daddy do I look like a princess?” “Daddy do you think I look pretty?” “Honey, what do you think about this outfit?” came to mind and took on a whole different meaning as well. Make no mistake, this is no 21st Century phenomenon that will disappear in the following generations. This is no phase, trend or acquired behavior from an insecure mother. Every girl wants to know, and I soon realized I am the ill-equipped husband and father who answers half-heartedly not knowing what’s going on underneath–not realizing the depth of the inquiry.

Truthfully, no man can fully answer The Beauty’s question nor can anyone answer the man’s unique question, “Do I have what it takes?”A child’s father has an enormous impact on answering both questions, but in the end our Heavenly Father voice is heard above all.

As a member in God’s Kingdom, I find my passion in life helping people to find freedom in Christ. The bondage that the world, the church, Satan, and sin have created for the girls and ladies in my life, fills me with righteous anger. And as such, I have taught High-Life students on the topic of The Beauty for several years. My goal is simple, point them to their King, their Brother, their Lord and the only true Lover of their soul.

Do you wonder if you are worth fighting for? Look to the Cross! Do you wonder if Jesus loves the broken and sinful? Look to the woman at the well! Do you wonder if Jesus sees the beauty even in a prostitute? He rejoiced in her washing his feet.

I usually end my talk with a film clip from The Little Princess. In the clip, the little girl is arguing with the head mistress at the orphanage who has told her she is not to chase after ridiculous dreams, but to be productive and useful (now there is a big story). To this the little girl says, “Yes I heard you, but I don’t believe in that” “I am a princess, all girls are….didn’t your father ever tell you that?”

Consider the latest from the Disney Corporation. They too have now bought into the lie, that little girls don’t want to be princesses any more. After “Tangled” Disney will no longer do another princess movie, because “Little girls today want to be cool.” It warmed my heart to hear my 17 year old daughter at dinner reply, “Seriously? I don’t have any friends who don’t want to be a princess!” The sweet sound of victory warmed her Father’s heart…and mine, too.

I believe that our Father screams loudly from the Scriptures that all girls are princesses and royalty. Women are Queens of creation with dominion and authority! All princesses who labored to fight here for the Kingdom will in turn reign for all eternity with her King. That’s a story worth believing.