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Snapshots through Peru

Snapshots through Peru

While working hard in Cusco for most of the week, the team had an opportunity to visit the site in Urubamba where a flood this past year washed away the home for street boys. Southwood youth teams have worked diligently making adobe bricks and playing with the boys at this site in years past. It was heartbreaking to see the pain on the faces of the house parents Hector and Maritza who care for the boys at a temporary home a few miles away. The site is a gorgeous multi-faceted area that the Scripture Union team hopes to rebuild upon someday soon.

Catholicism is the stated religion in the region for many. This building is located at the top of a mountain overlooking Santo Tomas. The views from the location are perfect to see a beautiful city with hurting people. The condition of this building seems to mirror the condition of religious faith in the area. We pray that we can help to bring the good news of Jesus Christ back to the area through the church that is being built and growing in the city.

Deaconess Marguerita prayed fervently for a pastor for Southwood and asks for your prayers that a pastor and wife would be found for her church in Santo Tomas. Iglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana is meeting in a temporary building atop a very rocky plot of land in the city. Workers are diligently excavating the area and are preparing to set foundational components very soon. Southwood hopes to continue to financially support the construction of this facility over the next five years.

Teri McQuinn and Lauren Davenport were among the team that worked to improve the personal home of Keith and Ruth Powlison, the missionaries in Cusco that head the Josephine House orphanage and the Hinterland Ministry of MTW in Peru. Whether it be Zoe–a preemie orphan, team members on a short term trip, or one of their adopted children, the Powlison’s home serves to shelter many. Our team was thrilled to knock out some much-needed “honey do’s” by sanding, painting, wallpapering, and cleaning.

Jonathan Barnette, Ken Stuart and Polly Ricks took a trip 8 hours from Cusco through the Andes to Santo Tomas. After staying one night in a hostel in the city, the team had no place to stay and slept in a field under the stars high in the Andes on their way home. It was a cold but beautiful night as they were heading back over a 14,500 foot pass, the home of many small villages of Quechua people.

Zoe, a 4 week old baby with a cleft lip, required special care by our team as we attended to the orphans at Josephine House. These orphans are clearly saved by God’s mercy from a most certainly tragic life. The home is well run and the children are cared for in a way that their parents could not. However, the team was able to see the great impact of sharing love with the children and bringing additional assistance to the facility. Financial support is also critically needed to sponsor each of the children and assist Keith and Ruth Powlison in their kingdom work in Peru.