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the view from over here

the view from over here

One Director’s highlights on this year’s VBS journey
Southwood’s VBS was June 14-17, 2010. It has been two weeks since the vast voyage ended….has Southwood recovered? Here are some highlights from this year:

•This was my fourth year to Direct and/or Co-direct VBS at Southwood. This year Mary Ivy Cost jumped at the chance to use her gifts to advance His Kingdom.

•The curriculum for this year’s VBS arrived before Christmas of ‘09 but true planning began in January of 2010. The theme for this year was “High Seas Expedition” by Group Publishing. The children took a vast voyage to learn all about God’s Word.

•The Southwood hallways were home to just over 215 kids throughout the VBS week ranging in ages Nursery up thru 4th grade. Of those 215 children—20% were non-Southwood children.

•We had over 175 volunteers from teen up thru Berean who baked, sorted, organized, corralled children, glued crafts, took a week off of work, and created a VBS world before, during, and after the actual week of VBS.

•There were 23 Area Coordinators for segments such as crafts, recreation, snacks, etc—half of those leaders being from the Lifebuilder Sunday School age group.

•Every year the children raise money for a missions project—this year the project goal was to raise $1500.00 to help build a water well in Cusco, Peru for Josephine House. Our adult Peru Mission Team will deliver the good news to the Peruvians that our children raised over $1900.00 for this cause. As a reward for their efforts—the children did see 2 amazing men “slimed” during the last closing ceremony.

•Yes, VBS is a lot of work (a question I am often asked). Curriculum reviewed, dates set and put on the calendar, all training classes scheduled, t-shirts must be designed and ordered, all the posters, banners, memory cards, and slideshows must be prepped in coordination with the church office, the entire VBS website used for online registration must be created, volunteers must be found, and I spend much time bathing it all in prayer.

•Yes, I love VBS. For me—part of the wonder of VBS is that is it church-wide. Every age is involved, every class is represented. It is an awesome chance to see an amazing cross-section of Southwood come together—all with different passions, and different life stages, and different gifts—but with one common goal and purpose. Jesus.

With every passing year, I take with me the memories of children being loved and the gospel message going forth. If you have never stood in the Sanctuary during one of the VBS assemblies and seen the kids singing and praising Jesus, jumping, smiling, laughing, hearing the gospel, living this life—then I encourage you to steal away one day next year to witness it first hand. For me, it is a small glimpse of our Father’s heart. Knowing that He is the God who says “let the little children come unto me”….and so, in my mind, VBS points our children to Him and allows them to do just that.