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    Administrative Assistant of
    Youth/Children Ministries
  • Derrick Harris
    Associate Pastor of
    Shepherding/Young Families
  • Shannon Clark
    Administrative Assistant of
    Adult Ministries
  • Angela Sierk
    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Tyanna Holbrook
    Director of Nursery
  • Janice Crowson
    Director of Facilities/Finance
  • Robert Blevins
    Director of
    Community Development
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listen and tell
listen and tell

Since beginning my job here at Southwood as the Jr. High Female Director, I have been deeply cared for by the church family I have become a part of. Part of being cared for by this family means that I am hearing many stories of God’s work in this community, which are comforting reminders to me of His power and love. Being in a new place and job,… [more] October 1, 2010 | Hayden Howell

Moving Forward
Moving Forward

There’s definitely a buzz in the church office these days, with the staff sharing the excitement of the rest of the congregation about the arrival of a new senior pastor. Adding to this excitement is the fact that by God’s grace Southwood has weathered a lengthy transition period and even moved forward in many areas for the sake of the… [more] August 1, 2010 | Will Spink

Snapshots through Peru
Snapshots through Peru

While working hard in Cusco for most of the week, the team had an opportunity to visit the site in Urubamba where a flood this past year washed away the home for street boys. Southwood youth teams have worked diligently making adobe bricks and playing with the boys at this site in years past. It was heartbreaking to see the pain on the faces of the… [more] August 1, 2010 | Jonathan Barnette

shepherding: smaller groups, better care
shepherding: smaller groups, better care

As I trust is evident through all of this strategic planning discussion, Southwood has been and will continue to be about people. The heart of the church leadership is to see more and more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ reveling in His love and fighting to advance His Kingdom.

Part of this process involves equipping and caring for followers… [more] May 24, 2010 | Will Spink

Pastor’s Note
Pastor’s Note

BeHOLD the Date!
Behold the Lamb of God — December 13th, at 7pm
It’s about to get really crazy and you know it. We are entering the holiday season, and you know your life will be a blur until sometime after the first week in January. I have a love-hate relationship with this time of year. On the one hand, personal… [more] November 1, 2009 | Bill Nash

the many faces of bill harritt
the many faces of bill harritt

Bill Harritt is widely known across the church as Director of Junior High Ministry. Bill began his tenure at Southwood in May 2005 and quickly found his place among our seventh and eighth graders. Bill is leaving Southwood and moving to St. Louis, MO mid-August to begin his studies towards a Masters of Divinity at Covenant Theological Seminary. Bill’s… [more] August 1, 2009 | Leah Treen

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