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The Soils of the Collegiate Heart
The Soils of the Collegiate Heart

Our neighborhood was less than five years old when we bought our first house in Huntsville two years ago. Most of the trees were nearly that young too. Our cute little home came furnished with three cute little trees—all about as tall as me when we first moved in. When our first Alabama spring came around, I noticed that two out of the three trees… [more] May 15, 2014 | Reid Jones

The meaning of marriage
The meaning of marriage

In this excerpt from Meaning of Marriage, Tim Keller describes a new and fresh perspective on the mission and priority of marriage. Ultimately, as he writes, the primary purpose of marriage is for the betterment, holiness and growth of our spouse. Keller explains how all the pleasures and happiness of marriage are by-products of marriages that center… [more] January 31, 2014 | Excerpted by Chad Townsley

Covenant Belonging
Covenant Belonging

RUF points students back to local church

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” —Proverbs 22:6

This is the wisdom we as parents invest in, cling to, hope for and count on as we raise our children, is it not? Every spiritual lesson, moral instruction… [more] May 1, 2012 | Chad Townsley

shepherding: smaller groups, better care
shepherding: smaller groups, better care

As I trust is evident through all of this strategic planning discussion, Southwood has been and will continue to be about people. The heart of the church leadership is to see more and more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ reveling in His love and fighting to advance His Kingdom.

Part of this process involves equipping and caring for followers… [more] May 24, 2010 | Will Spink

Summer Abroad
Summer Abroad

Members Investing in the Kingdom
Southwood is not only in Huntsville for Huntsville, we are also in the world for the world. While we have a short term team of youth going to Peru in June and a team of adults in July, we also have others investing their entire summer serving to advance God’s Kingdom in other countries. Below are… [more] May 24, 2010 | Ken Stuart

Where are We Going?

Being decisive has never been a strong suit of mine. I’ve always been worried about making a wrong choice and ending up in a sticky situation. At times it has been quite a crippling fear. In my youth I can remember stressing over even the simplest decisions. I never truly had a sense of direction. I just drifted aimlessly, waiting on the ‘cosmic… [more] August 15, 2008 | James Parker

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