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ROYAL INTRODUCTIONS: Kings of the Past Who Point Us to the True King

Pastor Ron is writing a series of brief glances at some of the Kings of Israel/Judah, some who are familiar and others who we will meet for the first time. In all of these kings, we will see moments of brilliance and faith that are beautiful, along with moments of tragedy, idolatry, and blatant evil. However, we are not simply to emulate the good qualities and avoid the bad. The lives of these earthly kings point us to the glorious King who will come to reign with righteousness and justice. We get glimpses of that glory in many of these stories. We are also shown the devastating darkness and inadequacy of human kings, leading us to put our hope in the True King of all things. Maybe in our current age, we will be encouraged to forgo trust in human leadership and to put our hope in the King that forever will reign over us.

SAUL: A Tragic Beginning
Download the handout →

DAVID: The Standard for Faithful Leadership
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SOLOMON: The Failure of Wisdom
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REHOBOAM: A Burdensome Sovereign
Download the handout →

ASA: Promising Start, Disappointing Finish
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JEHOSHAPHAT: Unsteady Faithfulness
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ATHALIAH/JOASH: The Lineage of David Preserved
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UZZIAH: Reaching Too High
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AHAZ: Hitting the Bottom and Finding Hope
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HEZEKIAH: A Fresh Wind of Change
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MANASSEH: The Point of No Return
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JOSIAH: The Last Bright Star
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No Remedy…Yet
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