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Be the Church

Welcome to the “Be the Church” small group series resource page! This is our fall 2020 small group study in which we as a church family are seeking to experience and explore together what it means for us to be the Church by going back to Acts 2 and learning what marked the Early Church as God’s people. Watch the video lessons and download the printable handouts to participate with us. Pray that God would use his Word, our relationships, and his Spirit in and through us to shape us into the church He wants us to be.

Lesson 1 — Be the Church

Download the Lesson 1 Video →
Download the Lesson 1 Printable Handout →

Lesson 2 — The Word of God

Download the Lesson 2 Video →
Download the Lesson 2 Printable Handout →

Lesson 3 — Fellowship

Download the Lesson 3 Video →
Download the Lesson 3 Printable Handout →

Lesson 4 — Worship

Download the Lesson 4 Video →
Download the Lesson 4 Printable Handout →

Lesson 5 — Prayer

Download the Lesson 5 Video →
Download the Lesson 5 Printable Handout →

Lesson 6 — Mission in Community

Download the Lesson 6 Video →
Download the Lesson 6 Printable Handout →

Lesson 7 — Where Do We Go From Here?

Download the Lesson 7 Video →
Download the Lesson 7 Printable Handout →

Small Group Preferences

We are excited to be connecting everyone in our church family to a small group this fall as we experience and explore together what it means to “Be the Church.” Please fill out your preferences so we can connect you most effectively.

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