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Global Partners

Global Partners

God’s call on the Church extends beyond our own communities and into the entire world—sharing Christ without imposing our cultural expectations. We want to ensure we are working toward grace-based community development both in our own community and abroad.

Southwood is privileged to partner with missionaries whom God has called full time to the field. Most have left their own cultures, families, and comfort behind for the sake of the gospel. Others are indigenous people whom God is raising up to witness to their own communities. Take a moment to read about our partners, lift them up in prayer, and consider ways you might engage further with their ministry!

Macklann and Rose Basse

Place: Togo, West Africa
Contact: Email

Macklann is the director of Africa Missions with Nations (AMN), where he trains future missionaries to plant churches and care for the poor. Rose is the principal of New Beginnings Elementary School.

Andrew and Christine Betts

Place: Kandern, Germany
Contact: Email

The Betts recently took positions as educators at Black Forest Academy, an international boarding school for missionary children.

Derek and Laura Dougherty

Place: Cusco, Peru
Language: Quechua, Spanish
Org: Mission to the World

Originally from Birmingham, Derek and Laura Dougherty and their two children now live in Cusco, Peru. They are a part of a Mission to the World team working to establish a network of churches in this historical Andean city. The challenges are great. Cusco is a center of syncretistic religion, combining elements of Roman Catholicism with ancient Inca idol worship. Even here God is raising up his church and Peruvians are coming to Christ. Derek’s primary role is in leadership training and discipleship. Laura, having a background in education, hopes to develop healthy school options for the many children of the large mission team in the city.

Robert and Tunde Futo

Place: Budapest, Hungary
Language: Hungarian, English
Org: Presbyterian Mission International

Robert and Tunde Fúto are church planting in Budapest, Hungary. Sarrokő Evangéliumi Protestáns Gyülekezet (Cornerstone Evangelical Protestant Church) is a young church located on the Buda side of the Danube River in Budapest and is a growing young congregation that is built on a solid foundation of the Gospel of grace. Hopefully, it will become a model church for others to taste how the Gospel impacts every aspect of church life.

Robert is American-Hungarian and is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary. He works under PMI, a missions organization out of Covenant Seminary that allows nationals from other countries raise mission support in order to return to their homelands to plant churches. Robert and Tunde have two daughters, Hajni and Csenge, who are also very active in the ministry of Cornerstone Church.

Justin and Alanna Huston

Place: Ireland
Language: English
Org: Serge

Justin and Alanna each joined Serge in 2014. Justin lived and served in South Sudan training pastors, Alanna in Uganda as an MK teacher and children’s library coordinator. After months of long-distance dating, they were married in September 2017, and began looking forward to ministry together. The couple joined Serge in Dublin, Ireland, in October 2018, where they are sponsored by St. Catherine’s Church. Along with active participation in their church and community, Justin and Alanna serve as leaders of the Serge Ireland Apprenticeship Program and the summer internship program- Encounter. In all they do, the Hustons seek to lay down their lives as catalytic encouragers for the renewal and expansion of the church in Ireland. They hope to see an island transformed for the glory of God, captivated by God’s grace, and overflowing with the joy of knowing Jesus.

Seth and Jessica Lewis


Place: Yougall, Ireland
Language: English
Org: UFM Worldwide

Seth grew up at Southwood and served with our children’s ministry as a summer intern before pursuing missions full time with UFM Worldwide. Seth and his wife Jessica are planting a church in Carrigtwohill, Ireland, a small town in County Cork. The Lewises have begun this work by hosting a weekly Bible study in their new home in Carrigtwohill. They are encouraged because God has already brought together an enthusiastic and diverse group of believers to serve as the core group of this effort. They are also making connections in their new community in various ways, such as Seth being elected as part of the Board of Management at the school attended by their three young children, Daniel, David, and Rebekah. To learn more about their ministry and keep up with specific prayer requests, go to sethandjessica.com.

Johnny and Becky Long


Place: North Carolina and World
Language: English, French, Classified
Org: Serge

Johnny and Becky have served with Serge (formerly World Harvest Missions) for many years. Beginning in Kenya, Johnny helped to develop and translate a discipleship curriculum for Africa based on World Harvest’s Sonship Curriculum. This curriculum, called Grace for Africa, is designed to help believers move beyond a theological knowledge of God’s grace to a heartfelt understanding and application of this grace in their everyday lives and ministry. Following their time in Kenya, the Longs spent six years in the UK, and recently relocated to North Carolina to serve on the Cross-Cultural Renewal and Leadership Development team. They are continuing the ministry of developing and teaching grace-based discipleship materials for Africa, the UK, and the USA. If you would like to learn more about his present work you may email johnwadelong@gmail.com.



Place: Nagpur, India
Language: Hindi, 22 total

India is home to over 1.2 billion people, most of whom have never heard the gospel of Jesus. Reaching India Ministries International was founded by an Indian native, Saji Lukos, who is passionate about reaching every state in India with the Gospel and developing a sustainable church planting movement. RIMI’s primary emphasis is church planting, which they support through education, mercy ministry, and micro-enterprise opportunities.

RIMI’s primary seminary is located in Nagpur, India and trains church planters with a full two year program leading to ordination. RIMI also has one-year Bible colleges in many different states to equip lay leaders and missionaries. These one-year Bible colleges also offer vocational training as most pastors and missionaries must serve bi-vocationally. RIMI’s mercy ministries include orphanages in many states, as well as a hospital in Nagpur which serves the poor in the surrounding area who otherwise lack access to affordable health care. RIMI offers micro-loans for entrepreneurs in their congregations which helps these individuals because self-sustaining and also allows them to tithe back to the churches - making the church plants more sustainable.

Alex and Suzanne Sarran


Place: Lyon, France
Language: French
Org: Global Outreach Mission/MTW

Alex pastors The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Lyon under Global Outreach Mission and in partnership with MTW as well as the French Reformed Evangelical denomination. Alex is French as well as bilingual and bi-cultural due to a Scottish mother and French father. Suzanne was born in France as an MK and her father planted the church Alex now pastors. The Sarrans minister in an extremely depressed spiritual climate; Lyon has an evangelical population of approximately .5%. Alex began serving the church as a music director, youth leader and student minister leader. When the Fouchachons left the field, Alex filled his father-in-law's shoes as the senior pastor. Their congregation is small and no stranger to spiritual attacks, but both Alex and Suzanne are encouraged to see increased opportunities to share the gospel in their context.

Mack and Leeann Stiles

Contact: Email

The Stiles served for many years in countries that were hostile to Christianity, which is why the Southwood family knows him as Jonah in Nineveh. Mac and Leeann have retired from the field and now live in Kentucky. They have founded Messenger Ministries and continue to lead others in following Christ.