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    High-Life Assistant Director
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    Administrative Assistant
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    Director of Community Development/Assimilation
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Sunday School

Sunday School classes are designed to offer excellent teaching in a relational and relaxed environment. You will find the opportunity to connect with friends your own age and in other stages of life while enjoying light snacks. You will also find engaging, biblically-based teaching that applies to your life. Join us on Sundays at 9:00am. The classes begin August 13. For more information or to get connected to one of the age-based groups, contact Shannon Clark.

Connecting the Dots: How the Gospel Transforms Everyday Life
Ron Clegg
We know the facts of the Gospel well.  We have even seen the Gospel change our lives in significant ways.  But, how does the Gospel deal with everyday life, such as my fears, my addictions, my idols, my habitual behavior, my reactions to circumstances, etc?  The truths of the Gospel seem to be very disconnected from real life.  In this class we will attempt to connect some of these dots through learning once again the basic Gospel truths, and then looking at how those truths directly affect some of our very common experiences.
Room A

Ages: 35-45 & Over 65
What's Different Here: Gospel Culture Intersects Our Culture
David Clark and John Foreman
Someone is baking bread. You inhale. That rich, yeasty smell. "That smells so good!" The baker looks up, sniffing deeply, "I can't smell it. I guess I've gotten used to it."

We are often like that baker. We live, work, play and nap in this 21st-century American cultural "kitchen." We have been in this culture for a long time and are often unaware of the "smells" that we have gotten used to: the deeply entrenched, often-unconscious expectations and knee-jerk responses we were born to.

This coming semester we will "walk into the kitchen and smell the freshly baked bread again," to find that a fresh look at Biblical truths can help us see and smell and crave the beauty of a Gospel-centered culture; a peek into our own unquestioned expectations about how we live our day-to-day life and how the Gospel changes everything.
Room B

Ages: Under 35 & 45-65
Our Goal

The goal of Sunday School at Southwood is to equip the congregation to experience God’s grace from all of Scripture and to express God’s grace in all of life. We also believe the implications of grace are best learned and lived out in community. So, Sunday School at Southwood is all about Connections:

Connecting with God: We prioritize engaging and interactive study of God’s Word as well as of specific topics that help us apply it to every aspect of our daily lives.

Connecting with Each Other: We intentionally set aside time during these classes on Sunday mornings to eat, talk, and get to know both new and old friends better.

Connecting with Southwood: We design these classes to be a good step toward learning more about the heart of Southwood and how to engage further through small groups or serving.