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Sunday School

Sunday School classes are designed to offer excellent teaching in a relational and relaxed environment. You will find the opportunity to connect with friends your own age and in other stages of life while enjoying light snacks. You will also find engaging, biblically-based teaching that applies to your life. Join us on Sundays at 9:00am. The classes begin March 26. For more information or to get connected to one of the age-based groups, contact Shannon Clark.

Gospel Driven Parenting
Ron Clegg
What do you think of yourself as a parent? What does the Bible say about how to be a "good" parent?  We probably have more questions than answers as parents, and those questions continue to mount as we progress from one stage of parenting to another—from disciplining toddlers to communicating with adolescents to influencing adult children. The bigger question involves how the Gospel informs our parenting.  How does it shape the way we interact with our children? These issues and others will be discussed in this class for parents of all ages, and for those who hope to be parents.  It is not a class where you will get detailed instructions, but a big picture look at where we are going as parents and why, and it will hopefully be a great encouragement to us who are on the parenting journey.
Room A

Ages: Under 35 & 35-45
A Life of Relationships
Mike Stanfield
Augustine observed that everything in Scripture is meant to teach us how to love either God or our neighbor. Life is lived in relationships. Whether in personal matters or work, our "success" or "happiness" is most fundamentally dependent on the quality of the relationships we have.  "Pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up" (Eccl. 4:10).  Jesus lived and taught a life of relationships—whether walking with the disciples, engaging religious leaders or reaching out to the woman at the well. We can learn from him how to live in a God-honoring manner. In this study we will discuss biblically sound principles for relationships and how these are carried into practice in a world that sees relationships only as transactions.
Room B

Ages: 45-65 & Over 65
Our Goal

The goal of Sunday School at Southwood is to equip the congregation to experience God’s grace from all of Scripture and to express God’s grace in all of life. We also believe the implications of grace are best learned and lived out in community. So, Sunday School at Southwood is all about Connections:

Connecting with God: We prioritize engaging and interactive study of God’s Word as well as of specific topics that help us apply it to every aspect of our daily lives.

Connecting with Each Other: We intentionally set aside time during these classes on Sunday mornings to eat, talk, and get to know both new and old friends better.

Connecting with Southwood: We design these classes to be a good step toward learning more about the heart of Southwood and how to engage further through small groups or serving.