• Will Spink
    Senior Pastor
  • Rita Clardy
    Executive Assistant
  • Ron Clegg
    Assistant Pastor, Discipleship
  • Peter Render
    Assistant Pastor, Youth/Families
  • Winnie Winford
    High-Life Assistant Director
  • Kim Delchamps
    Administrative Assistant
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director of Children's Ministry
  • Sarah Niemitz
    Director of Community Development/Assimilation
  • Janice Crowson
    Director of Facilities/Office
  • General Contact
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Sunday School

Sunday School classes are designed to offer excellent teaching in a relational and relaxed environment. You will find the opportunity to connect with friends your own age and in other stages of life while enjoying light snacks. You will also find engaging, biblically-based teaching that applies to your life. Join us on Sundays at 9:00am. The classes begin August 13. For more information or to get connected to one of the age-based groups, contact Shannon Clark.

Seeing Through Different Colored Eyes
Lance Cooper and Ron Clegg
Imago Dei. Image bearers. Adopted children. It’s foundational to our beliefs, and yet many people in our society, including our brothers and sisters in Christ, are treated as “less than” or “other” just because of the color of their skin. Last year the PCA approved a resolution repenting of racism in the past and present, encouraging churches and members to “prayerfully confess their own racial sins…and strive toward racial reconciliation.” We will talk about what racial reconciliation means as we view the gospel from the perspective of minorities. We will discuss what God calls us to, and how we can begin entering into the suffering, stand with, and learn from those who have been marginalized and oppressed because of their race.
Room D

Ages: All Ages
A Study of James
Doug Roberts
Considering what it says about faith in action, a faith that works, James is perhaps the most “practical” book in the New Testament. James wrote to believers who needed encouragement in the midst of a culture in opposition to many Christian principles. Join us as we study a book that speaks into our daily lives and supplies the glorious truth of "Faith Alone" in a way that reminds us such saving faith never comes alone.
Room B

Ages: All Ages
Welcome to Southwood
Will Spink
This class will introduce you to the basics of Christianity, Southwood, and church membership. While you may pursue formal church membership at the end, this is not the primary goal. The objective is to help you get connected to the body of Christ, to answer your questions, and to help you get involved with the mission of Southwood. While particularly designed for visitors, this is a great place for anyone to get a refresher on foundational theology while getting to know some new faces at Southwood as well. For more information or to signup, please contact rita.clardy@southwood.org.
Room A

Ages: All Invited
Our Goal

The goal of Sunday School at Southwood is to equip the congregation to experience God’s grace from all of Scripture and to express God’s grace in all of life. We also believe the implications of grace are best learned and lived out in community. So, Sunday School at Southwood is all about Connections:

Connecting with God: We prioritize engaging and interactive study of God’s Word as well as of specific topics that help us apply it to every aspect of our daily lives.

Connecting with Each Other: We intentionally set aside time during these classes on Sunday mornings to eat, talk, and get to know both new and old friends better.

Connecting with Southwood: We design these classes to be a good step toward learning more about the heart of Southwood and how to engage further through small groups or serving.