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Officer Nominations

Officer Standards

Officers should meet the BIBLICAL QUALIFICATIONS found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Candidates should evidence these Biblical qualifications PARTICULARLY, and when they do not, they should be repented of SPECIFICALLY.

  • Men who are above reproach in character and morals
  • If married, in a marriage that is healthy, Christ-centered
  • Able to manage his household well
  • Temperate and self-controlled
  • Respectable
  • Demonstrates wise judgment
  • Not a new convert, but tested
  • Not contentious, quarrelsome, or self-willed
  • Cultivates holiness in his life
  • Hospitable and gracious
  • Able to teach and communicate his faith
  • Not addicted to food and drink
  • Not quick-tempered or violent
  • Free from the love of money
  • Gives faithfully and joyfully with tithing as a minimum
  • Honest and not double-tongued
  • Loves what is good

  • Officers should KNOW and BE KNOWN by the congregation they are serving. Each man must have been an active, local member of Southwood for at least 2 years. The Session has deemed it wise to consider 3 separate nominations to be a good indication that the man is being nominated by the church. Three nominations represents only a small percentage of our congregation.

    Officers should have a HEART and GIFTEDNESS for ministry. Remember that the spiritual qualifications for each office are identical. The designation to the particular office of elder or deacon is determined by calling and giftedness, not spiritual maturity. Calling to a particular office is often clarified through the one-year apprentice program required of each man prior to being placed before the congregation for election. It is a misnomer to consider the office of Elder to require men who are “more spiritually mature” and the office of Deacon to be a “proving ground.” Both offices presuppose spiritual maturity and therefore carry the same qualification criteria.

    Role of an Elder: An office of shepherding and oversight tending to the hearts of the congregation, teaching the Scriptures, and able to defend the faith.

    Role of a Deacon: An office of sympathy and service demonstrated by caring for the congregation and others in need from the Huntsville community and beyond.

    Officers should MODEL the faith. Attest that he provides a worthy example of Christian living. He should be the chief repenter at home, church and work. He should be living by faith and repentance in Christ. He should model Christianity in such a way that others will want to follow him. He should also have a good reputation with those outside the church.

    Officers should ALREADY be serving. They should demonstrate consistent involvement in one or more ministries of the church such as small groups, student ministries, shepherding or community development.

    Officers should be EXEMPLARY members. As such they should show a consistent pattern of “supporting this church in its worship and work” through giving and attendance. They should also demonstrate a cheerful willingness to “submit to the government and discipline” of the church and to embrace the Vision, Mission, and Core Commitments of the church as well as the vows they have already taken as members.

    Nomination Process

    Nominations for the office of Elder and Deacon will be received from Southwood members from Sunday, July 5, 2020 through Sunday, July 26, 2020.

    The nominating process is as follows:

    Nominations must be written on the online officer nomination form, signed by the nominator, and submitted. Please carefully consider the standards listed herein before nominating.

    Elections are scheduled in February of each year. Men will be placed on the ballot for election following training, examination and successful completion of the officer apprenticeship program.

    If you have any questions, please personally contact any member of the session listed on the officers page.

    Nominate An Officer