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What We’re Learning this Fall

Dear Parents,

At Southwood Kids, your children embark on an exciting discovery of God’s big story: God’s plan to send His Son, Jesus, into the world to save sinners. What better way to begin a story than the beginning of everything?

In the beginning, God created everything. God created the universe ex nihilo, or “out of nothing.” All of creation began with a word. When God spoke, it happened: light, land, sky, stars, plants, and animals. God made them all, and they were good. Creation was perfect, just as God intended.

The first story—in fact, every story in the Bible—is a small piece of a much bigger story: God’s redemptive story. Sin would enter the world and affect everything, but God already knew. He already had a plan to show His grace to people through His Son (2 Tim. 1:9), to rescue and restore.

The Bible says that God’s plan existed before He created the world. (Eph. 1:4-6) The Bible tells the story of how a great God redeemed rebellious people by sending His Son, Jesus, to be the perfect sacrifice for sin.

The story of Jesus does not begin in a manger. Jesus is Lord over all of creation. The Son has always existed. The Bible says everything was created by Him and for Him, and He holds everything together. All of creation exists to bring God glory. Through creation, we see and understand God’s eternal power and divine nature. (Rom. 1:20)

As you talk to your kids this week, help them discover who God is. Remind boys and girls that God created everything with a purpose: to bring Him glory. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the expanse proclaims the work of his hands.” The Book of Genesis is the beginning of the greatest story ever told. It is a true story, and at the center of it all is the true hero: our Savior, Jesus Christ. This story changes everything.

Each Sunday, we’ll send home an Activity Page for Preschool and Explore Kids (Kg-3rd Grade) and a Student Guide for Journey Kids (4th-6th Grade) as well as a Big Picture Card for you to review with your child throughout the week.  You can also check out the Gospel Project for Kids Family App for additional ways to interact with the Bible content this week.


UNIT 35: Finishing Strong

Southwood Kids will begin to see Paul’s life as evidence that God is faithful, and He keeps His promises. Throughout his ministry, Paul encouraged believers facing hardship to stand strong in their faith as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Session 1: “Paul Before the Rulers” in Acts 23-24
Story Point: Paul was willing to do hard things to share the gospel.

Session 2: “Paul’s Shipwreck” in Acts 27-28
Story Point: Paul trusted God to rescue him.

Session 3: 
“Brothers In Christ” in Philemon
Story Point: Paul encouraged Philemon to treat Onesimus as a brother in Christ.

Session 4: 
“Children of God” in 1 John 2-3
Story Point: Children of God love one another with their actions.

Session 5: 
“Defending the Faith” in Jude
Story Point: Jude urged believers to stand up for what is true.


UNIT 36: Come, Lord Jesus

We’re approaching the culmination of a three year study of the Bible that began in Genesis. In this final unit, we’ll learn that John, who was one of Jesus’ disciples, shared more of God’s plan to send Jesus again. When Jesus returns, He will undo everything that was ruined by sin and He will make everything new and right forever.

Session 1: “John’s Vision of Jesus” in Revelation 1
Story Point: Jesus appeared to John in a vision.

Session 2: “Letters to the Seven Churches” in Revelation 2-3
Story Point: Jesus told churches to not give up.

Session 3: 
“Before the Throne” in Revelation 3-4
Story Point: All people and creatures will worship Jesus.

Session 4: 
“Jesus Will Return” in Revelation 19-22
Story Point:  Jesus will return, destroy evil, and make all things new.