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Relief for Global Partners in the Face of COVID-19

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” Matthew 25:35

What we’re hearing from the field:

Pastor Barry Hennig, New City Fellowship, Africa

“... the poorest of their congregation members… (are) especially suffering because of COVID-19 restrictions in their countries.  As you can imagine, these families who already purchase food on a day by day basis are suffering the most under the strict stay at home orders…What we would simply ask you to do is prayerfully consider (contributing)…to this basic food support in this time of crisis.”

Derek and Laura Dougherty, Peru

“At the beginning of 2020 the Fuente de Gracia church leadership asked God to raise up a diaconate ministry…to effectively reach their neighbors with the Gospel. Now, as a result of COVID-19, many families throughout Cusco are struggling. The need is greater than ever. Peruvian church leaders and missionaries have formed a plan to equip their church members to reach neighbors with the gospel as they offer tangible assistance to help families get back on their feet…pray that God would do a transformative work in their hearts and connect them to a community of believers.”

Saji Lukos, RIMI, India

“Mony and I are still here in India on the Nagpur campus.  The Indian government instituted a lockdown about two weeks ago.  The poor and daily laborers are the hardest hit as they have no saved resources for buying the necessities of life.  The local village of Khadagaon near our seminary campus is in desperate need of help and they have reached out to us.  We would like to be able to provide them with food and other needs. Would you please pray for these people and also consider giving a special gift for this need?  This is a great opportunity to live out our faith and be the hands of feet of Jesus in a time of great need.”

Seth and Jessica Lewis, Ireland

“Ireland is still on lockdown ... Although this has certainly changed the way we do ministry, we are encouraged to see continuing signs of God’s work in building his kingdom… Two weeks ago…God used a simple baby supply drop to open a door for us to be able to give away …Bibles… in the local refuge centre.” Pray that God would work in their hearts through his word, and that he would provide them more ways to connect with believers in the face of lockdown.”

Alex & Suzanne Saran, France

“... we aren’t allowed to leave our homes except for a few specific reasons for which we have an official paper…in case we are stopped by the police.” (Because of this, they are now streaming their Sunday Worship service from their home) “… We know for a fact that several non-Christians have been watching (their streamed Sunday worship service). Please pray that the Lord would use this time of crisis to call many people to himself.”

Providing Relief During This Emergency
Our global mission partners and those they serve need immediate relief as a result of this pandemic. Although Southwood’s main global focus is on church planting and community development, there are times we are called to help in an emergency. Through our congregation’s generous giving we were able to provide $10,000 in emergency relief aid to partners in four other continents in the last 30 days:

$1,200 to Togo: With Tates Creek PCA, funds providing 36 church families with food and necessities for three months.

$3,800 to Rwanda: Funds to provide 125 fellow believers with food for three months.

$2,000 to Peru: Humanitarian aid provided through the Project Good Samaritan to help indigenous families.

$3,000 to India: Humanitarian aid to supply basic needs of villagers through RIMI.

Care package to Sarrans in France: Pray that the Sarrans’ package gets through customs and delivered!

Thank you, Southwood, for giving even when it’s not comfortable and allowing your Global Missions Team to impact the worldwide body of believers and those they serve through your giving. COVID-19 cannot stop the advance of God’s Kingdom!