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Resuming In-Person Worship Services Phase 1 FAQs

If you have questions not addressed here, please call the Church Office or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

How long will these Phase 1 schedules and procedures last?

While the plan is for Phase 1 of resumed in-person worship services to begin May 24, there is no specific end date for this phase. Our hope is that the next phase will begin in July and involve eased restrictions and increased engagement with our ministries, particularly a limited nursery available, but we will determine that as we go.

What can I expect in terms of social distancing and health precautions to keep me safe?

We are asking everyone who attends our in-person service at this time to wear a mask (available at the door, if needed) and maintain six feet of social distancing at all times. Arrangements have been made in the sanctuary for such distancing, and the entire campus has been sanitized. Additional cleaning will take place in the sanctuary and restrooms between the two worship services.

Are families with children welcome, and what arrangements are there for them?

Yes! We would love for your children to be with you and understand that staying through the entire service may be new for some of the younger ones without a nursery or Kids Worship. The Nursing Mothers Room is available for one family at a time, and we have a second room open if needed. The service will be on the speakers in the Connecting Spaces as usual if you need to step out with a child at any time.

Do I need to sign up to attend?

No. We welcome you to join us and believe we have adequate space available to seat you appropriately at the 9:30 service.

Will restrooms be available?

Yes. The restrooms have been sanitized and will be cleaned between the two services. We understand there is wisdom in limiting usage, but if you need them, they are available.

When can I talk with others?

We ask that you leave the sanctuary following the service and enjoy connecting with each other outside. This will allow the best context for extended fellowship.

Where can I enter the building?

The nursery doors on the Tannahill Dr. side of the building will be propped open and have entry stations (masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) as well as the external doors to the narthex (front of the sanctuary). Both these and all other doors are available for exit.

Will we sing during the worship service?

Yes, at this point our plan is to include congregational singing as a vital part of our worship. We will continue to monitor best information and medical guidance in this regard but feel it is appropriate in this context right now.

What arrangements are there for the Lord’s Supper?

The plan is to celebrate the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday back together (May 24) and then resume our regular monthly schedule. For those who are physically present in the sanctuary for the service, self-contained communion packets (wafer and juice) will be picked up on your way in. For other arrangements, please refer to Tuesday’s church announcement email.

How will I know where to sit?

When you reach the sanctuary, ushers will (from a distance) help you find a seat. Bulletins will be placed spread out on opposite ends of alternating pews to give you extra space, so you should sit where you find a bulletin on a pew. We will generally seek, when it works for you, to seat people from the front to the back to avoid walking past each other too often. Yes, that means you better arrive early for a front-row seat!

How do I give during this season?

Offering plates will not be passed, but boxes will be available at the rear of the sanctuary to bring your gifts in person. You may still continue to give online if you prefer (southwood.org/give or the Southwood App).