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Pastor’s Note: Fasting and Feasting

Dear Southwood Family,

On this Maundy Thursday when we commemorate Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper with his disciples before his crucifixion and resurrection, I wanted to write you briefly regarding the Lord’s Supper. I have sorely missed being with you on Sundays the past few weeks, and in particular I have missed celebrating this special sacrament together. Several of you have told me that you are experiencing that longing, too. Among many things we may grieve during this pandemic, the absence of a gift used by the Spirit as a means of grace to affirm our union with Christ and each other, to strengthen our faith, and to support us especially in times of trouble is certainly a prominent one. The Southwood Session is discussing when we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper again and how that celebration will look, but it will not be this Easter weekend. In light of that fact, I wanted to share a couple pastoral thoughts for your hearts to contemplate this week.

1) Learning to Fast: Whether it’s food, information, or technology, my heart desires instant gratification. I’m used to it and often demand it. Waiting for a good thing is not something I often choose. That’s another way of saying I don’t “fast” well. When we fast from food, the ache or hunger we feel reminds us of our dependence upon God as we lament the condition or situation we’re facing. The season we are living in right now is worthy of our lament – on a number of levels. There is much to grieve. While we “fast” from the Lord’s Supper, let’s learn to trust Him in new ways for our daily bread. Let’s cry with the exiled Israelites and share tears with neighbors who are mourning as well. Let’s read psalms of lament and cry out for God’s mercy on us and our world.

2) Longing to Feast: There’s a sense in which longing to feast again is always a part of the Lord’s Supper. Jesus said to his disciples at that “Last Supper” that He wouldn’t drink again of the fruit of the vine until He drank it with them in his Father’s kingdom (Matthew 26:29). That feast, of course, will be the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (check out Revelation 19!). Each time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper here we look forward to that great feast, and we never know if our next such feast will be that eternal one in heaven. It is right, then, for us to be longing for the grace Holy Spirit brings to us in the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and to let that longing drive us to God’s Word, to prayer, and to trusting Him and experiencing Him in new ways. Meditate on the hope of Psalm 126 and long for that promised day when we will feast in the house of Zion!

I love you, Southwood Family, and am thankful to be united to you by faith in Christ during this season we are physically apart. Until we feast together again …

May God be with you and bless you and make his face to shine upon you,

Pastor Will