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COVID-19 Letter

Click here to watch Pastor Will’s thoughts on our hearts in light of COVID-19.

Dear Southwood Family,

Thank you for your patience as we have sought to work through the best ways we can respond to the situation with COVID-19. As I said in the video prefacing this letter, the most important place to start is in considering our hearts and turning to our God together lest we forget the grounds of our trust, the security of our hope, or the priority of our lives. Challenging times like these test our faith and provide new contexts in which we must both experience God’s grace ourselves and express his grace intentionally to others. May consideration of our King – whose power at work in us is greater than anything in this world – and living for his eternal kingdom remain foremost for each of us in this season.

Southwood leaders and medical professionals have discussed matters and remained in communication with local government agencies this week. We have made some initial decisions and will continue to monitor future recommendations. On the following page, you will see a list of steps already being taken as well as plans for future scheduled events.

While at this time our Sunday morning schedule remains as planned, we also intend to Livestream the worship service (see details on next page). A significant reason for doing this is to encourage our older members, others who are most vulnerable, and any who think it wise to remain home to feel the freedom to do so. In addition, we are taking extra care with the cleaning and preparation of our facility (wiping all touch surfaces with CDC-approved products) as well as the plans for how we interact when we are gathered there. Please do remain at home if you have any symptoms of illness. These and any future adjustments to our schedule are ways we can love our neighbors even if there is a cost we pay ourselves.

Thanks for joining us in praying for God’s mercy and for the hearts of Huntsville. 

By Christ’s grace and for his kingdom,
Pastor Will

Scheduled Events
1. Sunday Worship and Connect Hour: Continuing as scheduled. Intent is for worship services to continue in the future although we may adjust content and/or not gather on the church campus if wisdom and neighbor love so dictate.

2. Women’s Retreat: Continuing as scheduled. Begins this afternoon.

3. Other Activities: Our plan is to mirror Huntsville City Schools’ cancellation with our youth, children’s, and other group activities. If there is an exception to that general rule, we will let you know about that particularly.

Adjustments on Sunday
1. Greeting: We will “pass the peace” and greet each other without physical contact. Pew pads will not be passed, and Kids Worship Bags will not be distributed.

2. Offering: Plates will be available at the front and back of the sanctuary but not passed. Electronic giving remains available through the Southwood App or website.

3. Coffee: Host Team members with gloves will fill cups.

4. Kids Check-in: Volunteers with gloves will check-in children on the computer system. Please be patient as this will likely slow the process a bit!

5. Connect Hour Food: We will not share food during the adult Connect Communities. All nursery and children’s snacks will be served in individual servings.

6. Livestream Info: To participate electronically in the worship service, go to southwood.org/watchlive.

Ways to Serve
We are monitoring a variety of ways to minister to our neighbors and Huntsville community. If you know of particular needs or opportunities, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

1. Checking on Elderly: Call to see if there are needs you can help meet while high-risk members of our church family and community stay at home. Chat and pray with them over the phone while many are unable to receive visitors at this time.

2. Feeding Children: If and when we experience an extended school closing, this will present additional challenges for some children whose primary meals come at school. We will stay up to speed with our city leaders on ways help is needed.

3. Feeding Homeless: Similarly, food banks and other large suppliers of food may have to make adjustments or need additional volunteers. We are monitoring these needs, too.