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Southwood Global Missions

There is more to missions than sending money for the support of missionaries on the field — so much more. At least, that is the way we think about missions here at Southwood. Like many churches, we provide financial resources for missionaries so that they can advance the Gospel in other cultures and among other nations. However, we understand that our role in fulfilling the Great Commission is much larger.

I just came back from an 11-day trip where my wife, Gayle, and I had the privilege of visiting with three of our mission partners in Western Europe. We got first-hand experience in their particular ministry contexts as well as the opportunity to shepherd these precious servants. That time and investment was very encouraging to us and to them. Just to pray with them, in their own homes on the field, is incredibly valuable. This kind of support is crucial to keeping our global partners spiritually healthy and fruitful. We want to do more of this in the future.

We have opportunities on the horizon for our church members to join in on short-term trips to different places where our missionaries serve. These opportunities are valuable on several levels. They get us out of our small world and allow us to experience the work of God and the worship of His people in very different contexts, different languages, and in different cultural expressions. They also help us develop a global view of our own calling and a missional lifestyle. We would like for these trips to be a regular part of our yearly rhythm as a church.

As a church we are called to pray for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. We do this every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer. We pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” On our trip to Dublin, we saw a variation of this prayer on a church wall, “In Dublin, as it is in Heaven.” We do the work of missions when we pray this prayer for Lyon, France; Cusco, Peru; Budapest, Hungary; Erbil, Iraq, and other places around the globe. We pray that our global partners will be fruitful in their ministry in some very difficult places. Our hope is that we will better engage our church family in this work of prayer for Kingdom advancement.

Finally, we will have some of our mission partners here at Southwood this coming January. Our Express Grace Conference will take place January 25 & 26 and will have a primary focus on global missions. There you will hear from Dr. Lloyd Kim, Coordinator for Mission to the World. You will have the opportunity to rub elbows with missionaries who are actively engaged in global missions work. You will be informed of what God is doing in various places around the globe. You will also be challenged in regard to your own participation in the harvest. We hope to see you there.
As you can see, there is so much more to doing missions at a church than merely sending money. Yes, we give to the work. We pray for the Kingdom to come. We also go into the battle for the hearts of men and women. Here at Southwood, we hope that in the coming years we will do so much more. Towards that end, we want you to consider prayerfully how you might join in this great work. Southwood has a global missions team (Global PartnerS) that we would like to expand. If you have experience with cross-cultural missions and/or a passion for missions, I would love to talk to you to see if our GPS team is a good fit for the exercise of
your gifts.