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Connecting at Southwood: Small Groups and Connect Communities

Connecting at Southwood: Small Groups and Connect Communities

At Southwood we believe strongly that gospel-centered community is vital for our health and development as believers.  We cannot thrive as followers of Jesus apart from gospel community.  How is that expressed at Southwood?  Primarily through two similar but different vehicles: Connect Communities and Small Groups.

Connect Communities are the gateways for folks to enter into significant relationships.  They are larger groups, typically between 20-50 adults.  Unlike the traditional Sunday school, they are not designed to be classrooms.  There will be an instructional element, but primarily they are designed around building relationships.  We want them to be a place where adults of all ages can get to know one another in an environment around the truths of the gospel. 

How does one become involved in a Connect Community?  Every Sunday morning you simply take a short journey from the end of worship into a Connect Community gathering.  These gathering places are clearly marked outside the doors of their meeting room.  The different communities are divided into four general age groups, so there is a group for every adult.  This also allows us to connect with those in our general stage of life.  You will get to meet others, hear of how their faith is being lived out, and have opportunity to care for one another.  So, if you are not currently connected in one of these communities, please come and see what you have been missing.

“Gospel-centered community provices a harbor of safety in a hurricane world. It’s a haven where people can be known for who they are as opposed to what they have to offer.”

Small groups at Southwood also exist to help us find gospel-centered community as we connect to God, to each other, and to our neighbors.  Gospel-centered community provides a harbor of safety in a hurricane world.  It’s a haven where people can be known for who they are as opposed to what they have to offer.  Though small groups share a similar purpose with Connect Communities, they are different in practice. 

Small groups are called “small” for a reason, and that reason is fewer people together providing the context for more sharing and thus deeper relationships. Groups usually consist of 12-14 people and meet in different places. Small groups are a place to take the time intentionally to go deeper in community. They are not so much a program we want people involved in as they are a way of life for which God designed us. Relationships in a small group are fertile ground for people who know and understand some of our sins and struggles to remind us of God’s grace, to pray for his work in our lives, and to urge us to see all of life in the light of his Word as we live out the Gospel together.

So where to start? If you’re interested in connecting in community at Southwood, please join us for “Creating Connections” on Sunday, August 25, during the Connect Hour. We’ll focus on the year ahead and provide opportunities for you to interact with our communities and leaders. We hope to see you then.