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Our Seniors

Our Seniors

As we prepare for our seniors to go off on their new adventures, we desperately long for them to be fishers for community. Most of your children look forward to becoming nurses, architects, or lawyers, but first they are fish and called to be fishers. High-Life exists because believers are called to follow Jesus alongside their brothers and sisters of all ages. Jesus needed community and He didn’t sit at his desk job and wait for it. Humanity was created for His kind of community. Jesus intends to change the lives of everyone who follows Him. Jesus’ kind of community caused the blind to see and the lonely to find a home; other communities fail to do such things. Jesus called his friends to be an active part of His mission of restoring good community. Our seniors need to know that they don’t have to leave gospel community behind.

As we say goodbye to our seniors, we look forward to who they will say hello to as they move into the next phase of their lives. My older sister, Jennifer Kent, is on staff with Reformed University Fellowship, so I asked her: what do you wish freshmen knew as they came into college? Jenn responded that they need to know that they were created for and need encouraging, life giving, soul feeding, community and that there are places for it, but they can’t be passive. Southwood has Connect Hour because we long for it to be a spring board for deeper relationships that carry into your week and your life. High-Life hosts Cookie Tuesday because we know we have to continue to fish and feed our brothers and sisters spiritually and relationally. You and your students are being given the opportunities to seek real relationships with Jesus and His people.

“We hope that they join churches, not just to attend them, but to dive into them…”

High-life has seen gospel community change the lives of our seniors, particularly one who seemed content not to get to know people or to really want to invest in God’s kingdom. She may have heard Jesus calling her name long ago, but she found it hard to walk after Him when she spent time with friends who constantly put her down. Her community did not encourage her to obey God’s Word, her friends weren’t honest, kind, or loving, and she found herself drowning, not fishing. The Holy Spirit confronted her; she knew she needed Jesus’ community. She began seeking other believers out and continued to attend High-Life, joined Crew, helped with girls’ Bible Study, and as she did her life transformed. We long for this senior class to continue on the road following Jesus. We all know that colleges are a breeding ground for unhealthy communities, but there are always places to be involved with Christ’s Church. Good community causes growth, hope, and joy which we long for our students to experience. We hope they become involved in college ministries like RUF and that they join churches, not just to attend them, but to dive into them by serving, investing, and loving them.

Community takes work. Some students may go into the next area of life and have no trouble finding “friends,” but we want more for them than that. We have college students at Southwood who pour into kids, youth, and adult ministry. They are here for the community that we can offer them, they know that they need gospel community not just “friends,” and they are being proactive to experience God’s grace and express it to others. It takes effort to follow after Jesus and be fishers of men so remind your students of this; remind yourself too. And all the while, don’t forget that lives depend on it.