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10 Things Overheard at the Most Recent Parent Café

10 Things Overheard at the Most Recent Parent Café

1. As parents, we are called to be shepherds and in the grand scheme of things our kids don’t belong to us, they belong to God!

2. We should make every effort to move towards our kids, media is an opportunity to move towards them.

3. Hollywood is made up of people just like us and a majority of them are just really scared and trying to make a living, pray for them.

4. As parents, we are navigating some of the hardest technological challenges that the world has ever known, “Do not fear!”

5. Don’t be afraid to talk with your kids, focus on connecting with them more than correcting them when it comes to media.

6. One of the best “faith” based films ever made is Chariots of Fire, it’s the gold standard of how to make a film about faith.

7. This food is really good.

8. “We’re both part of the same hypocrisy”- Godfather 2. When pointing the finger at the film/television industry, we must realize that we’re no better than the people making the movies and they’re no better than us, they’re not our enemies but they’re people who need Jesus too.

9. Faith based films have caught the attention of Hollywood to the point where they are now investing in making them more than ever before.

10. Burb Legend is going to be the next great television series!