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Southwood Women’s Conference

Southwood women, A group of women meets together regularly to pray for you, to plan, and to dream about where God is leading our women. Our meetings are filled with lots of dialogue and laughter. We get our work done and are not afraid to engage in hard discussions. Pastor Ron assists us in planning and sharing our work with the pastors and session.

Who are these women? Active women involved in the church, our kids’ schools, our jobs, and our communities. We are busy, just like most of you. You should be able to identify with at least someone in the group ... if you are a woman! Click here!

1. This woman is in her 20s, married fewer than five years, no children yet. She works at our Crisis Pregnancy Center in Huntsville. She and her husband now live in Lincoln Village. Her smile and tender heart bring warmth to our meetings.

2. This woman in her 40s is a wife and mom of four children plus some in heaven. Of her four children, two are adopted (one with physical disabilities). Her thoughtful application of the Word and spiritual insight are gifts we use often.

3. This woman is a reader, wife, mom of two boys and a daughter in heaven. She was a teacher before having children. Her humor, tender spirit and discernment bring balance to our team’s work.

4. This working mom in her early 50s has a newly married daughter and a college-bound son. Her laughter permeates a room!

5. This woman has been at Southwood since the beginning. She is unmarried, in her 27th year of teaching and she and her sisters care for their aging mom. She enjoys her little and young friends at church.

6. This busy wife, mom, and ER doctor spends most days when not working in her car shuttling a teen and pre-teen. Her mom is an SPC member, and she is one of our fearless ‘leaders’ who attempts to keep us on track with an agenda.

7. This insightful woman in her 70s is also a retired RN, retired pastor’s wife, mom of three and grandmother of seven. She is a part-time caregiver to her husband.

As we work to plan activities, we want activities that equip, encourage, and engage our Southwood women to experience and express grace. We want all of you to feel a part of this, so we’ll be asking this fall for your input about how we can best do that; be on the lookout for that survey! Right now we’re particularly excited about this month’s conference with Julie Sparkman that kicks off our fall study. Check out the details on this page and make plans to join us!