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Planning for Success: How the Check-In System will affect You Sunday Morning

Well, it’s almost here - The electronic Check-In systems goes LIVE on June 10th.  So, what does this mean for you and what should you expect that Sunday morning?  Well, first, as this system is brand new to our members, you might plan to arrive a little earlier than normal - just in case there are lines at the Check-In Station.  In the event that lines are long, please remember that there will be a “learning curve” and the lines won’t be long forever.  During this introductory phase, the main thing we ask of you is patience as we learn together and troubleshoot issues. 

Once you arrive, you’ll notice four kiosks at the Check In Station just outside of the Nursery Hall.  For the first few weeks, each station will be “Manned”, meaning there will be a trained individual there to help you get checked-in.  After a few weeks of becoming familiar with the new process, we will reduce the number of “Manned” stations down to one and the other three will be “Self Check In” Stations. It would be of great benefit to update all of your information in the Tower prior to arrival Sunday morning.

Once all of your information is updated and entered into the Tower; you may check-in using your telephone number or any card with a barcode (i.e., a gym card, grocery store card, Driver’s license, etc.) at the kiosk.  It is important that you enter your cell phone carrier into the system so that we may text you with any issues that arise with your child.  (The pager systems we’ve used in the past will be replaced with texting you.)

After you have checked in, you will be given printed labels unique to you and your child.  One is placed on your child’s back, the other should remain with you at all times.  If you misplace or lose your label, please go to a Manned Station to have your label re-printed.

One big change is that ALL children INFANT through SIXTH GRADE must now be checked in and escorted to and from assigned classrooms each Sunday by the parent/guarding. Children and adults will no longer be permitted upstairs or in Nursery hall without a printed label. This means, there will be no more self-release of the older children.  All children MUST be checked out by a parent or guardian whose label matches that of the child.

Also, rest assured, the new Check-In system is quite accommodating and does allow for unique pick-up situations (i.e., custody issues, grandparent pickup, temporary/one-time pickup, etc.).  These situations may be handled on a Manned Station or within the member’s Tower account.

What to expect at Pickup: Your label will be verified to ensure a match with the child you are picking up.  If your label is lost (see above) or does not match, you will not be able to pick up your child under any circumstances.  Please understand that even though our staff may know and recognize you, the success of this system hinges on this procedure being followed resolutely.

To update your family’s profile, please visit SouthwoodTower.org

We are thrilled to introduce this system to our Southwood Families and we hope you are excited as well!!