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Pastor’s Note: “It Was One of Those Days…”

So yesterday was one of those days. It was a “bad day” as days go. I realized my leadership failures had frustrated and disappointed people I really care about. Physical and relational crises were unraveling, and I couldn’t seem to be of help. Ideas and plans I made weren’t seeming like good ones to those I hoped they would help. Friends were texting repeatedly about situations beyond my control. I was exhausted, and I had hardly even pulled out my list of things that were “supposed” to get accomplished. I drove to the store to pick something up quickly and realized I had driven to the wrong store. I couldn’t even get the Southwood Tower to work right!

Ever had a day kinda like that? Well, pastors have those kind of days sometimes, too.

One of the things God reminded me of yesterday was my need for community. I’m not strong enough on my own but really need others. It was the prayers of my wife, encouraging words from a friend, and really thoughtful conversation from a kind grocery store cashier that kept me going and got me through the day. And there are people in our lives every day who need a listening ear, a note of appreciation, a word of encouragement – we really do need each other!

But as helpful as those people were, I was still pretty down at the end of the day. I got into bed that night and begrudgingly pulled out the Bible (I wasn’t eager to read, but my wife and I are trying really hard to stay caught up in Year 2 of a 1-Year Bible reading plan, so I couldn’t let us fall further behind, right?!). Last night’s readings were from somewhere in the middle of I Kings and II Chronicles (see, I told you we were behind). This wasn’t increasing my anticipation of something particularly helpful.

Just as I was finishing, the last words of the day were these: “The LORD is good, and his love endures forever.” I lingered on those words for a minute. “He is good,” said Christy, who had very patiently just let me vent about my day and had been faithfully praying for me through it.

It felt like the end of a lament psalm: Everything and everyone is aligned against me. Discouragement is building, and I’m only making things worse. What a wretched man I am! … But God is good. His love endures forever. Therefore, there is hope.

It’s true, isn’t it? God is good. His love endures forever – which means not only that it will be around eternally in heaven but also that because of Jesus God’s love endures for me today – on my worst day. It endures my failures, others’ disappointments, my stresses, and others’ crises. My day was bad, and still God is good – right then. In fact, realizing that enduring love runs all the way back to the Old Testament reminds me that God has seen a lot of bad days and faithfully, consistently, patiently loved a lot of people having a lot of really bad days.

Not every bad day ends with a bow on it like yesterday for me. But the truth of God’s Word, his goodness, and his enduring love is there for us in every moment of every day. Sometimes the Holy Spirit reminds our hearts of it. Sometimes God uses other people in our paths to give us the glimpse of his love. But however it comes to us, it’s true today in your life that the Lord is good and that his love endures forever. I thought if I needed to hear it again that you might, too.