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Connecting Money, Relationships, and the Gospel

One of our local mission partners, CornerStone Initiative, is starting a new program called Faith and Finances. Their Executive Director, Debbi Akers, explains the heart of it here.  If you would like to support this class by providing a meal, please call the church office or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

When you serve in a community where over 50% of the families live below the poverty level, you could easily spend your days moving from one crisis to another, rescuing people in need. But that is not the vision that God has given CornerStone for the people of 35805. We continually seek to serve in a way that brings deep and lasting change – a way that leads to a life that is flourishing with a foundation built on an intimate walk with Jesus Christ.

This summer, CornerStone will embark on a new journey that provides the opportunity for just that – and we are going to get there through bank statements! Yes, that is right. The gospel via financial literacy classes! 12 weeks of financial literacy will target individuals who continually struggle to make ends meet, individuals who are entangled with pay day lenders and title loan companies, and individuals who are ready to get out of the rut of constant crisis. We will prayerfully entwine the lives of these 20 students with 20 volunteer “allies” who commit to coming along side of them – not to rescue – but to love and encourage them. We will spend our summer journeying together down a path of understanding God’s design for our lives and our money.

Every Tuesday throughout this summer, we will gather at 5:30 pm at the CornerStone office on Holmes Avenue and fellowship over home cooked meals provided by volunteers. For two hours, allies and students will actively engage together in prayer, goal setting, reviewing and planning budgets, discussing purchases and calculating costs, preparing for emergencies and planning for long-term change. It will be a setting filled with encouragement and accountability, prayer and praise, and a lot of laughter. Who said finances had to be boring?

We are so excited and humbled that God would allow us to provide a space for people to go on this journey. It is our prayer that their journey, above all else, would ultimately lead to Him. Setting the stage for relationships that lead to hope is what CornerStone is all about. How amazing it is that God can use a financial literacy class to bring people together in a setting where we are all aware of our own brokenness and our deep need for him. This summer will be an exciting adventure as 40+ strangers journey towards lasting change – in Jesus’ name!