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Prayers for Peru

Missions work is impossible without prayer. The gospel of Mark describes a time when Jesus casts a demon out of a little boy after the father asks Jesus to help his unbelief. Jesus sends the demon out of the boy and the disciples ask Him, “Hey, how come we could not cast the demon out?” and Jesus tells them that it could only be done through prayer (Mark 9:14-29). As Christians who long to obey God and do the work of spreading the Gospel, we know that we are dependent upon prayer. June 1-11 a few of our church members will be in Peru on a mission trip, and we know that we are in direct need of your prayerful support. So please pray with us and for us as we long to see God’s Kingdom grow!

Going on a mission trip can cause great anxiety for anyone who is scared of the unknown. One does not know how to prepare for the different culture, language, traditions, beds, baths, and beyond! As our team is in Peru, not only will we be experiencing diversity as we are enter another society, but also we will recognize diversity within our own group. On our team there are students, parents, people in the medical field, people who work for the government, people who fly frequently and people who have never been on a plane, people who play guitar and people who play Fortnite. Pray for our team as we learn to work together to further God’s kingdom.

“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today,’ so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness” Hebrews 3:13 commends believers. As we go to Peru, we do not picture ourselves as saviors, we are not going to save bodies and souls, we are going to encourage our brothers and sisters in their ministry. We are getting the opportunity to share in their labor. Whether they ask us to build something, bring something, or just to be something, we will do so with joy. Pray that we would encourage the staff at the orphanage, the boys in their care, and all our brothers and sisters we get to be near.

We are going to Peru because we want to give our time, our efforts, and our love. We know though that we will be receiving just as much as we give. Christian community is a three-way street. God loves us, we love God, we love others and that means other Christians also are loved by God, love God, and will love us, too! We believe that missions trips change lives, and as Ron explained in the last Branches, it often changes the life of the one on the trip. We long to be blessed by this trip and for God’s Word to continue to transform our lives and those we encounter. Pray that lives will be transformed because of this trip.

Our return is as important as our departure. We want our mission to be successful before we come back to Huntsville. The good news is that Jesus’ good news is already in Peru! Our job is simply to encourage our brothers and sisters in the truth! Our mission should not end as we come back to Huntsville. When we enter into our normal lives again, we should look forward to seeing the Holy Spirit continue to transform us into God’s likeness. As part of the Southwood family, our responsibility continues to be to encourage each other in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share it with everyone we interact with. Pray with us that as we come back from Peru we would continue to live out the Great Commission!