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Southwood Kids’ NEW Check-In System: Why the sudden focus on Safety?

Southwood Kids’ NEW Check-In System: Why the sudden focus on Safety?

In the coming weeks, you’ll probably notice a few big changes to the Southwood Kids’ Environments - one of the most exciting being the new electronic Child Check-In System!  With the introduction of this system, we are saying goodbye to our paper/pager system and we are eagerly embracing a new, fast and secure electronic way to check-in your children on Sunday mornings.  Simply step up to the kiosk in the Nursery Hall, log in, check-in your child, print your badges and off you go! (And don’t worry, we’ll always have a trained team member present to answer questions and walk you through the process if you need assistance.)

With many of these changes, you might wonder, “Why the sudden focus on safety?” The answer is quite simple:  “If we know the kids in our care are safe, it will be easier to focus on connecting them to Jesus.”  These changes are all an effort to ensure our Southwood families and kids have the most fun and SAFE experience as they deepen their relationship with God.

You might also wonder, “Are there current security concerns/problems at Southwood?” That answer is, “No.” However, given recent events that have occurred around the country and throughout the world, we can’t be expected not to adapt responsibly.  And, as our church continues to grow, it makes perfect sense to be proactive for the safety for everyone in attendance.  So, no, we are not currently experiencing problems; we’re simply ensuring safety to the best of our abilities.  We hope that you are as excited as we are to launch the Southwood Kids’ NEW Check-In System!

Here is what this system means for you and your families:

- Streamlined check-in, for members and visitors
- Improved safeguards
- Secure family profiles
- User-friendly interface
- Text notifications/alerts
- Fortified child pick-up
- More time for morning fellowship
- Added peace of mind