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Jesus’s Senior Quote: How His Last Words Impact All of Life

Jesus’s Senior Quote: How His Last Words Impact All of Life

The conclusion of one’s high school career is often commemorated by one phrase typed up, placed, and printed under a picture for the school yearbook. One’s senior quote can be of the utmost importance; after all, it may be how one will be remembered. Senior Caroline Jewell, who has been working as an intern for the youth staff at Southwood, willingly answered my questions about senior quotes and the end of her high school experience. Some seniors use a phrase that defines what their friends have said, others use a line from a book or movie, others choose jokes, but Caroline knew she would choose lyrics. Lyrics are like poetry, she expressed; they are profound and beautiful at the same time. These last words seniors share with their classmates help fix them in people’s memories, allow them to express who they know themselves to be, and share what they think is important to know as truth.  While senior quotes are often profound and beautiful, the final statement I want every believer to hear and remember is “It is finished.”

Not only does a senior quote help people remember you, it also serves as a tool for self-reflection. Caroline explained that while there’s no wrong choice, “you have to be concise.” One earnestly needs to see the world around them and their place in it in order to share the truth about themselves. Miss Jewell is a kind, patient, fun, intelligent young woman on her road to self-discovery. Using Taylor Bennett’s lyrics, “We only know what we know until someone knows better” for her senior quote shows that she recognizes herself and her culture to be impressionable. Caroline also expressed that her senior year has been full of choices: “The thing that has gone through my thoughts the most is choosing between decisions: making big or small decisions to go to friends’ houses or home, Auburn or Arizona, do a funny dance in a crowd or not.” She continued, “I’m discovering myself and what I like.” Like many other seniors, Caroline is trying to know herself and find the truth before she goes to college and has everyone telling her what they think is true. A senior quote helps people know the senior and helps the senior know what they believe.

It is almost impossible for Seniors leaving high school to prepare for the major life changes they are about to experience. These young adults are impressionable. They are looking for truth, and the people they meet in college will have many opinions about what is true. We live in a society of finding one’s own truth, that focuses on individuality and being remembered for being different. This is why it is vital that all believers, whether they are parent, child, friend, boss, or student, are able to point to God as the Truth. There will be professors and sorority sisters who will tell Caroline that they “know better,” and what she knows will be influenced by their claims. There is nothing better than the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that is the truth we want our seniors going to college to know. If you still have students living at home, share that with them right now. Tell them the truth of Jesus Christ in a loving and patient way, and then prove it with the way you treat them. It is more than words; it is actions that tell the truth!

Caroline answered the question “Do you want to be remembered?” without mentioning her senior quote. While she recognizes that the few defining words she chose for herself were important, she understands that her actions throughout high school have said much more about her to the world. “There are very few things I have done that I regret,” Caroline stated and continued by expressing that those who do remember her will hopefully remember her for the good things. Caroline will doubtlessly will be remembered by the people to whom she would give this advice: “Know how much it means to say hello to someone. One of my friendships started over a dumb conversation on color. People miss out on knowing other people by not saying hello. It’s so easy to say hello, and it only takes two seconds.” Caroline’s “hello” to everyone she sees speaks volumes. She welcomes people into the Lodge with a smile and dives into hearing about their lives. Miss Jewell knows that saying hello to a freshman girl who is uncertain of being at High-Life could change both of their lives for the better and that they can encourage one another in truth.

Share this truth with your senior: Jesus lived, died, and lives again for them. Jesus had so many one-liner, mic-drop phrases, but there’s one in particular our kids going into college should remember. Jesus’ “senior quote” should be known by his people. On the cross as Jesus gave up His spirit he proclaimed “Tetelestai”- at least that is what is written in Greek. In English we read “tetelestai” as “It is finished.” This is the truth: Jesus died on the cross to save repentant sinners from death and to give them eternal life with Him. He did not just tell them the truth, He lived and died and was resurrected so that it would be truth. This is what you should know about Jesus’ profound and beautiful senior quote: the word was a verb that was indicative, meaning that it was factual; it was a perfect verb, which means it has ongoing results: and it was either middle/passive, which means that more than likely it was finished by one person on behalf of another. Jesus’ perfect life, death, and resurrection are facts. It is truth that should be remembered and held onto and those who hold it will never meet anyone who knows better than them. There are ongoing results from Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, which means whenever someone repents and believes in Him, they are saved into eternity with Him. Jesus lived, died, and rose again on behalf of all who will believe.

All believers live in the already/not yet of the gospel. They are saved, but they are still sinners on earth while they will be saints in heaven. Believers should take every opportunity to stop and reflect on what Jesus has done for them. Christians go on a journey of self-discovery to realize who they are in God’s eyes just by seeking Christ. The Good News of Jesus Christ is life-changing truth that needs to be shared with the world! It cannot just be shared through words, but through the way one lives life! Christians are like seniors about to go to college. They must make decisions daily to seek Jesus above all else, they must know themselves, they must know the truth, and they must be prepared for Jesus’ return and be prepared for the goodbyes and the good times ahead. Remember Jesus and what He said in John 19:30: “When he had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”