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Come Have a Drink With Us

What are you thirsty for? Is it coffee you need to start your day? Is it wine at the end of your long work week? Or a Sonic drink with your kids? Whatever you’re thirsty for, I promise you one thing: it will not fulfill you. We live in a time of fake fulfillment. A spiritual battle wages daily for our minds, for our hearts, for our souls, and we thirstily go after whatever others tell us will fulfill us. “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them,” Jesus said about the Holy Spirit (John 7:37-39). If you are not hearing from your church that Jesus Christ is the living water who will satisfy your thirst, then we are not sharing the Good News.

In ministry we must first understand our need for Jesus. We thirst for approval, comfort, and happiness thinking we will be satisfied. Teens are getting drunk at parties because they are so thirsty for attention, a good time, or an escape. Children are filling their time with snapchat streaks, sports, and video games so that they do not have to think about the gaping hole in their heart. Our church could use a strong drink. Don’t drink the Kool-aid of society; instead, drink in the goodness of the Good News proclaimed to you!

This is where evangelism in ministry comes into play. People walk into church after a week of school and work where they are told that in order to be fulfilled they must make lots of money, get good grades, be popular, and drive a nice car. The truth is simple in contrast: seek Jesus, be satisfied. Experience God’s grace for you through Jesus Christ and then express it by daily believing it to be true and sharing it with others.

People will not drink water unless they realize they are thirsty. We have a crowd of apathetic, busy, and hurting people in the Lodge and sanctuary. Our society tells us to check our Instagram likes and snapchat our friends so that we don’t feel alone. Drive tells us to work harder and longer hours to prove that we don’t need anything but ourselves. We sit in church thinking “I don’t need this. I’m here to look, feel, and be good” and that isn’t good. WE NEED JESUS. Stop buying into this lie that tells you you can fulfill yourself. This world is thirsty for Jesus, and many of us are going to die of dehydration because we fail to see our need for Jesus. Do not let yourself be dehydrated.

Drink in Jesus like you are a freshman at a fraternity party! We tell our students to start the day with prayer and reading the Bible. If you can text, then you can pray every day. Read your Bible, because as a representative of Jesus Christ you should know what He has to say. Far too many times do Christians say: “At least I think the Bible says that.” Go ahead and find out what it says for yourself. Come to church, not in a ritual but in need of refreshment. Come get filled with truth so you can go into your week knowing that you are loved and take the person of the Holy Spirit with you.

If you know Jesus, you cannot help but share Him with others. Realize you are living in a desert and you’ve found a stream of water that not everyone else can see! Let me give you a taste of what we offer to your students. In Sunday school and High-Life, we engage in studying God’s Word, verse by verse, chapter by chapter. At Cookie Tuesday we discuss life and how Jesus fits into the daily struggles (school, cheating, relationships, parents, parties). One of the most important things we do to evangelize in ministry is asking questions: What do you think? Why do you think that? What does the Bible say about that? We want our students to recognize their need for Jesus and seek a relationship with Him for themselves — we want them to know Jesus and we want you to know Jesus so come have a drink with us.