• Will Spink
    Senior Pastor
  • Wyketa Shipman
    Executive Assistant
  • Ron Clegg
    Associate Pastor, Discipleship
  • Shannon Clark
    Administrative Assistant
  • James Parker
    Chief Musician
  • Peter Render
    Assistant Pastor, Youth/Families
  • Christine Betts
    Assistant Director, Youth/Families
  • Ty Commons
    Youth & Families Intern
  • Kim Delchamps
    Administrative Assistant
  • Derrick Harris
    Assistant Pastor, Shepherding & Young Families
  • Angela Sierk
    Director, Children's Ministry
  • Niña Banta Cash
    Director, Nursery
  • Robert Blevins
    Director, Community Development
  • Janice Crowson
    Director, Facilities/Finance
  • Daniel Brown
    Print & Digital Media Specialist
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Session Update

Since we shared with you last year some significant financial needs we were facing, we wanted to begin by praising God for his gracious provision once again. While the numbers aren’t final as of this mailing, it appears clear that income will exceed expenses for 2017 by a meaningful margin. Honestly, God continues to surprise us with his generosity and increase our faith in him. And while we thank him for this, we also want to thank you for your faithful and generous support of the work of God’s church and kingdom and thank our staff for their careful stewardship of our budgeted resources. We will report final income and expense numbers for the year at the Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 4, at which time we will also present the 2018 budget. With a full staff, active ministries, and additional support of our mission partners in the new year, please continue to pray for, depend on, and expect God’s spiritual and material provision for Southwood.

That annual meeting after the worship service on February 4 will also include times to pray together, updates on the mission and ministries of the church, and election of new trustees and church officers. In particular, this year we are recommending the election of Brent Snyder to the office of deacon. Please feel free to talk with Brent, read about him in this issue of Branches, and pray for him as he considers this calling. Please also pray with us throughout this year for Michael Babin, Phillip Barrett, Elder Andes Hoyt, and Elder Doug Roberts, who have agreed to participate in our Officer Apprenticeship Program. This is an important time of training and consideration for men you as the congregation have nominated for service alongside our Session and/or Diaconate.

Finally, please pray for the Session as we have begun some intentional strategic planning efforts. This work is not intended to reinvent Southwood or change the direction of the church but rather to help us refine our focus and establish priorities for the next year and three years toward serving the mission God has already given us as a body. Please pray specifically for our newly formed Strategic Planning Committee, which reports to the Session: Elder Mike Stanfield (chairman), Elder Mark Baginski, Reeves Fancher, Elder Todd Gandy, Deacon Don Hachen, Sarah Niemitz, Lolita Owens, and Elder Will Spink. As always, the Session and this committee in particular value your input and look forward to keeping you up to date as we pray and plan.