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Core Commitments: We Seek the Restoration of all Creation in Huntsville and Beyond

Core Commitments: We Seek the Restoration of all Creation in Huntsville and Beyond

Jesus brings his kingdom both in word and in deed, so we are committed to praying, working, and collaborating with others for God’s kingdom to come here as it is in heaven. We long to see Huntsville flourish and believe God has placed us in this community for this community. Our prayer is that we would be the kind of church that our city would miss if we were gone. Our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our systems, and our institutions are all valuable to God and worthy of our care. The good news of Jesus Christ is for Monday through Saturday, for us as God’s people, and for all of his creation, where the effects of the curse are pushed back and He remakes everything as He originally intended it to be.
– Matthew 6:10, Jeremiah 29:4-7, Luke 7:20-23, Romans 8:18-21, Colossians 3:23, Isaiah 11:1-10

When Jesus rose bodily from the grave, he affirmed that there is good news not only for immortal souls but also for the entire physical creation He had spoken into existence. The Light had entered into and conquered the darkness – and had only just begun the restoration project of making all things new. Now God has dignified us with the privilege of participating in this eternal project every day. 

See, God cares about all of his creation and loves to see the original order and beauty brought back to his good but fallen world. This truth means that everywhere we engage the people and places around us is imbued with great significance. It grieves me to hear Christians who see no kingdom importance, no value to God, in what they are doing with a majority of their time. Whether engineers or mothers, volunteers or contractors, we all play meaningful roles in the ongoing reclaiming of territory in the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, God over Satan.

In fact, as the prophet Jeremiah reminded exiled Israelites in Babylon, while we should long for our primary home in the Promised Land, we must also work for the welfare of the city where God has placed us now. God has called Southwood to impact all of the world for his kingdom, but He has particularly placed us in Huntsville to seek her flourishing. We long for our friends and neighbors to meet King Jesus and know the glorious riches of relationship with him, and to that end we strive to offer them a taste of his kingdom – a kingdom that comes in word and deed, with proclamation and healing, preaching and loving.

Individual Southwood members are bringing the light of the kingdom nearly everywhere in our great city, and we have groups working together in our school system, in jobs preparedness and workforce development programs, in neighborhood improvement across the city, in payday lending reform, and in many other places. This shared commitment to the flourishing of Huntsville allows us to partner with friends and neighbors who may look different or think differently about some issues from us but who nonetheless share the goals of this restoration project God has given uniquely to his Church.

It’s really exciting to look out at our congregation on a Sunday morning and think of all the places God is sending us during the week, all the places our Savior will go with us for the sake of his kingdom. The impact of the good news of Jesus not only comes to us but also flows through us to a world desperate for good news. Sometimes we will speak of its hope; sometimes we will demonstrate its power; sometimes we will pray for its advance. But always we rejoice in God’s gracious restoration of us and God’s ongoing restoration through us.