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Praying for Jobs for Life

Prayer is the backbone of Jobs For Life. We mean that statement. We literally are powerless to minister effectively without the Holy Spirit. Our students face very real barriers to attending JfL classes, much less getting a job. Some of these barriers are their own mental hurdles, while others are outside factors such as a lack of education or a limited network. Then there are very real systemic issues of racism and classism that keep many students out of good jobs. Our champions and instructors will struggle with their own cultural assumptions, feelings of inadequacy, and the temptation to allow busy schedules to limit their relationships in JfL. Local businesses face challenges in their workplace, and often the fear of a costly “bad hire” can cause reluctance to give anyone a chance. No volunteer or student can change those realities or level those barriers on his own.

We need the Holy Spirit to intervene for every general barrier listed above, but also for the many specific barriers we will learn about as we move though this class. So I am asking you to do two things. First, pray through the five requests below. Cut them out and tape them on your mirror or put them on your dashboard, whatever helps you remember to pray. Second, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and join our JfL prayer team. Prayer is not a token cliche; it is our only hope.

Pray with us:

-That the Holy Spirit would remove the necessary barriers (transportation, family obligations, work schedules, fear of failure, etc.) for each student and champion to attend JFL.
-That the Holy Spirit would reveal and break down racism, cultural assumptions, and feelings of superiority that exist in the hearts of each champion, instructor, and member of the leadership team.
-That local business would thrive and that those in charge of hiring would look favorably upon Jobs for Life graduates.
-That the Holy Spirit would break through awkwardness and fear - causing genuine relationships to flourish in the context of mutual respect.
-That the Holy Spirit would draw students to Christ as they hear about the gospel and see it in relational context.