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Why is a Particular Men’s Ministry Necessary for Today’s Church?

Why is a Particular Men’s Ministry Necessary for Today’s Church?

We live in a culture today that is confused and no longer knows with certainty what gender means.  To a growing number in our culture, gender is what you want it to be.  So, what then does it mean to be a man?  How does a Christian man navigate through our modern world?  Decades ago our idea of manhood was characterized by the lone cowboy, who was strong and independent, needing nothing except his own strength and bravado.  There were obvious problems with that characterization.  Men like that are not the best in relationships, and they make for difficult husbands.  Today, too often the pictures we are given are of men who have been feminized.  Maybe in an effort to be softer and more relational, from their clothing styles to the way they are to express emotion, men are encouraged to be more like women than the rugged men of old.  In their earliest years boys’ competitive nature is often stifled in favor of “just play the game and everyone wins.”  Well, everyone does not win, and every boy knows it. 

The Bible does not sacrifice one aspect for the other.  Strength and boldness go hand in hand with gentle nurturing.  In 1 Thessalonians 2 we see Paul serving the church with the tender nurturing of a nursing mother and the bold strength of a father.  Men of faith need both.  I heard one teacher say that Christian men are to be, both at the same time, warriors and poets, fighters and artists. 

How does faith shape manhood?  How does the Gospel call and empower a man into being a strong warrior while at the same time enable him towards sensitivity and gentleness?  How does faith equip men to walk in the face of rampant sexual provocation as faithful husbands and fathers?  How does faith give him what it takes to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace? 

This is why a specialized men’s ministry is important for the life of a church.  Walking by faith for a man has special challenges that are best addressed in community with other men.  How does a man use his particular gifts to love well in his family and in the workplace?  This is the type of environment we want to provide through Southwood Men, a place where men can engage as men with other men over the issues of faith and life. 

As a particular ministry to our men at Southwood, we want to engage our men on several different levels.  On a basic level, we want to provide informal community events where men can build relationships with other men.  These might include golf outings, pub nights, etc. 

To encourage deeper spiritual growth, we hold two annual large group events, one in the fall and one in the spring.  In the fall we have our men’s retreat at a nearby conference facility.  This is a great time of relationship building, fun, and learning from good solid leaders of the faith.  This next spring we will hold a Grace and Men Conference at The Lodge.  Scotty Smith will come and be our main speaker. 

Finally, on a deeper level, we provide a variety of small groups just for men where we can engage on a personal level with others.  Some groups are more informal and are open for anyone to join.  Others that we call Table Talk are more intense and require a 6-8 week commitment.  Some are designed more for fellowship and others for deeper study.

Regardless of where you are in your journey of faith, we believe you will find a place in Southwood Men.  For more information, contact Ron at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).