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Leadership Training Class: Equipping Everyone to Lead

Have you ever considered leading a small group but felt you wouldn’t know what to do? Have you wanted to understand more about the Bible to benefit conversations with friends? Have you desired to use your gifts to serve the church but felt uncertain as to what gifts you had or where they could help the body?

We would love to have you in the Leadership Training Class this fall! “What, me? I’m not a leader!” We all have different gifts, personalities, and passions, but the heart behind our Leadership Training Class is to equip all the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12). See, some of us lead in formal offices like elder or deacon. But most of us are called to lead children’s Sunday School classes, lead the Huntsville community in serving the poor, lead small groups, or lead neighbors to Christ. In that informal sense, all of us serve as leaders.

And what all of us need to equip us to lead in these various capacities is a deeper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ, its impact on our hearts, and its implications in our lives. That’s what we talk about in the Leadership Training Class: practical theology – wonderful truths that transform how we view ourselves and every relationship God has given us both within his Church and beyond.

So if you’re wondering if this class is for you … yes, it is. Having the opportunity to interact around the Word of God and to wrestle through the mission God has given to Southwood and to each of her members is a rich opportunity for all of us. Men and women, longtime members and visitors, consider jumping in on Wednesday nights this fall – and read some comments on this page from others who have enjoyed the class in years past as they tell you how it has equipped them to lead and serve where God has called them!

I decided to participate in the Leadership Training Class when my husband, Kenny, said he was going to attend. I thought it might be fun to learn and study together. It was a great experience where we sat in a relaxed atmosphere and explored topics as broad as the Westminster Confession of Faith, and as specific as why we do the things we do at Southwood. The most interesting thing is that we don’t have to hold an office or be an official church leader to carry out the duties that elders and deacons have. God wants each of us to be His hands and feet, not only in our church, but in the community and beyond. These classes gave me a broader understanding of our mission and how to “experience and express grace.”
-Jill Cole

I would strongly recommend every member take the Leadership Training Class at some point, even if you aren’t currently considering a formal leadership role. It’s a fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into the gospel and the mission of Southwood. This class prepared me for a lot of the changes that were taking place in my life this past year, outside of just becoming an elder. It’s also a great place to come and feel comfortable asking questions you might have about the Bible, the church, or the denomination.
-Lance Cooper

I feel that both the most enjoyable and personally beneficial segment of the Leadership Training Class was that pertaining to Calling and Responsibilities. The candid and thorough discussion of the duties of Deacons and Elders helped shape my thoughts on how I could best serve the Body. In addition, the Quiz provided in the training, along with the insight from Will and other attending officers, helped further clarify what I felt my role could be in serving the congregation at Southwood. It was encouraging to learn how the roles of Deacon and Elder were not mutually exclusive, but rather, complementary.
-David Porter

Several things helped me by attending the Leadership Training Class: I loved getting to know our Senior Pastor better in a relaxed small group setting where he taught but class members were encouraged to ask questions. I felt an emphasis on the gospel of Christ and when I am serving as teacher to the little ones in our church or greeting people as they come into Southwood or in discussion with my SPC small group - I am reminded - I am here, we are here to proclaim the gospel. I also have a deeper understanding of how our church works - church government, officer elections, session meetings and what SPC believes. All of these help me to serve Christ better not only at SPC but also at home and in the community.
-Judy Toles